Why Consumer Reports and MotorTrend May Be Wrong About the Best Truck

Car critics like Consumer Reports have a variety of opinions about the best car and truck in each segment. There are many pickup truck options on the market right now, and car critics are split in terms of what they think is the best. Here’s why Consumer Reports and MotorTrend may be wrong about what’s the best truck right now.

MotorTrend and Consumer Reports didn’t choose the top-selling truck

The front grille of a Ford F-Series pickup truck.
Ford F-Series | Getty Images

There are many ways to judge a car, and one of those ways is sales numbers. After all, buying a car is essentially a vote for that car. According to Car and Driver, one truck is at the top of the pack when looking at sales, which is the Ford F-series. It’s sold just under 141,000 units so far in 2022, and it’s selling better than any other vehicle on the market. 

MotorTrend didn’t put the F-series at the top of its lists. However, the F-series didn’t perform poorly, but it didn’t take top prize like it did in terms of sales. Consumer Reports disliked the F-series even more. As a result of this difference in opinion, it’s entirely possible that both MotorTrend and Consumer Reports are wrong about the F-series. Americans have voted with their wallets, and they chose the F-series. 

Where the Ford F-series ranked on their lists

MotorTrend separates the pickup truck segment into three size categories, and when it comes to full-size trucks, the F-150 came in second place. In terms of the truck’s overall score, the F-150 also did well. In fact, it’s the second highest-rated truck of all trucks on the market. 

Consumer Reports, meanwhile, also gave the F-150 second place in the full-size pickup truck segment. However, in terms of the overall score, the F-150 received a score that was below what many other trucks got. For example, Ford’s smaller truck options, the Ford Ranger and the Ford Maverick, both scored higher.

This may not be a fair treatment of the F-150, as it has some remarkable specs. The primary work truck variant of the F-150 starts at just under $30,000, making it an accessible truck for regular people to buy. Ford also offers a large variety of powertrains, and they can help folks get the job done efficiently. After all, a properly equipped F-150 can tow just over 14,000 pounds.

Here’s what MotorTrend and Consumer Reports chose over the Ford F-series

Instead of the F-150, MotorTrend chose the Ram 1500, which is competent as well. The work version also starts at about $30,000, and Ram offers quite a few powertrain options too. When it’s properly equipped, it can tow just under 13,000 pounds. The best thing about the Ram 1500 is probably its interior, which is above average for a truck.

Consumer Reports also chose the Ram 1500 as its top pick in terms of full-size pickups. However, the Honda Ridgeline won overall across the whole pickup truck segment. The Ridgeline is a unique truck compared to the Ford and the Ram. It’s more expensive, as it starts at about $38,000, and it tows less, as it tops out at about 5,000 pounds. But, due to its design, the Ridgeline is a very comfortable truck. 

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