Consumer Reports: Mixed Feelings About the 2022 Honda Civic

The new Honda Civic is everywhere right now, and rightfully so. Consumer Reports had the chance to review the 2022 Honda Civic, and though it did well in most of the tests, it fell flat in a few areas. What was the overall consensus on the Honda Civic? Not bad, not bad at all.

Consumer Reports enjoyed the 2022 Honda Civic for the most part

Consumer Reports rated the 2022 Honda Civic
Consumer Reports rated the 2022 Honda Civic | Honda

In a sea of other compact sedans, the 2022 Honda Civic still manages to stand out among the rest. Since 1972, the Civic has been a fairly popular car. The 11th generation version sounds like it will be too. Consumer Reports says the Civic alone sold more than 261,000 cars in 2020, which was more than half of the cars Honda sold.

Honda will offer the 2022 version in both a 2.0L four-cylinder getting 158 hp in the LX and Sport trims. A 1.5L turbo-four with 180 hp will only be offered in the upper EX and Touring trims. For pricing, the base LX trim starts at $21,700. The Sport starts at $23,100 and has features like Walk Away Auto Lock. The EX starts at $24,700, and the top Touring trim starts at $28,300.

When can I buy a 2022 Honda Civic?

2022 Honda Civic
The new 2022 Honda Civic | Honda

You can order the new Honda Civic right now, and some dealerships have options on the lot already. Consumer Reports notes that the 2022 Honda Civic seems like a mini-Honda Accord. The CR team found it room and comfortable, with solid a solid interior. There was a lot to like about the 1.5L turbo engine. The acceleration was smooth and quick to respond.

The handling was solid and a noticeable improvement over the last generation. The ride quality didn’t change much but feels OK. The rear seat was roomy enough, and the styling was on point for Honda Civic. One area that has been a hot topic lately is visibility. The Civic offers good visibility to make for fewer blinds spots, which leads us to the lack of blind-spot warning.

Some of the drawbacks are not necessarily with the safety features but with blind-spot warning instead. The 2022 Honda Civic is fairly loaded with active safety features and driver assistance help. However, blind-spot warning isn’t available until you get to the EX trim. That’s already upwards of $25,000.

Another drawback was getting in and out of the car. The roof is pretty low, and the car is low to the ground, making it harder for taller people to get in and out comfortably. This is especially obvious when getting into the back seat. The Civic was pretty loud, even with extra insulation.

There are a few more small bits noted. A knob on the infotainment system would be helpful. Relying fully on touch-screen systems is much more time-consuming. The center console has an odd shape that some might find uncomfortable. These are a bit nitpicky but fair to mention since it is a bigger redesign.

Edmunds has an opinion, too

Overall, the Civic improved in a lot of areas. Edmunds tested the 2022 Honda Civic and found it a full second slower than the 2021 version. Other than that, Edmunds said the new Civic “remains the best sedan in its class.” When the company looked deeper into the 0-6 mph time difference, it seems a heavier weight could be the culprit. It weighs about 160 pounds more overall, but testers weren’t totally satisfied with the answer.

Either way, both Consumer Reports and Edmunds seem satisfied with the 2022 Honda Civic. While it falls short in a few areas, it stood the test of time in other important categories. Another fan favorite in the books for Honda.

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