Consumer Reports Loves the 2016 Lexus RX for Many Reasons

The Lexus RX is no stranger to sitting atop luxury SUV lists, so it’s no surprise to see it there again. The RX’s sales have skyrocketed over the years, and they continue to climb. This time it’s made it to the top with its 2016 hybrid version. 

Consumer Reports considers both models among the best two-row midsize SUVs offering the best fuel economy. What does CR like about each, and how much will a brand-new model run you?

What did Consumer Reports like about the 2016 Lexus RX Hybrid?

The 2016 Lexus RX Hybrid is much like its gas-powered counterpart. Consumer Reports gives it high marks for a quiet, luxurious cabin, reliability, and owner satisfaction, just like the regular model. Its 3.5-liter V6 engine pairs with electric motors and a continuously variable transmission. 

According to Consumer Reports, the hybrid offers added boost with electric motors to give it a 0-to-60-mph split of 7.5 seconds. When it comes to fuel economy, this hybrid outshines all other used SUVs in its segment. The Lexus RX Hybrid gets up to 30 mpg overall, about five to six times better than other SUVs on the list. 

Consumer Reports also likes the interior. The hybrid version boasts high-end fit and finishes, with soft materials and finely stitched leather. Even the cargo area has impressive accents. Faux leather comes standard, but add-ons allow you to upgrade to real leather. 

You can expect to pay $26,800 to $33,475 for a used 2016 model, CR reports.

How the Lexus RX gas-powered version made the list

The regular Lexus RX offers similar amenities to the hybrid version, but it has a few features that make it unique. Consumer Reports likes the combination of the V6 engine and the six-speed transmission. Together, they offer powerful acceleration with a smooth delivery. Fuel economy ratings aren’t bad at 22 mpg overall. 

Like its hybrid sibling, the regular Lexus RX provides a high-quality interior with plenty of luxurious touches. This comes from the high-end materials and the number of convenience features, including a touchscreen infotainment system. It’s also comfortable to ride in on long drives because the suspension absorbs bumps in the road well. 

Reliability scores from CR are 5 out of 5, while the owner satisfaction is 4 out of 5. Those who purchased previous versions really like the RX’s comfort, styling, and driving experience. 

Here’s what you can expect to pay for a 2021 model


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The regular Lexus RX starts at $45,170 for the front-wheel-drive version. This gets you the powerful V6 engine producing 295 hp. You’ll also get Apple CarPlay integration and the Lexus Safety System+ 2.0 suite of advanced safety features. 

If you choose to upgrade to the all-wheel-drive model, you can expect to pay a starting price of $46,570, the Lexus website shows. It also comes with paddle shifters and the drive mode select system. 

Lexus’s hybrid version is a little pricier than the regular model. The starting price is $47,820, which comes with all-wheel drive and 308 hp total with the gas-powered and electric motors combined. You’ll also get the same Lexus safety suite as the regular model, plus you’ll enjoy the fuel economy ratings that help you get up to 30 mpg overall. 

The Lexus RX is easy on the eyes with its impressive exterior styling. When it comes to tech, the RX goes all out in offering you the best in convenience and safety features to enhance your drive.