Consumer Reports’ List of the Most Satisfying 5-Year-Old Hybrids Is Dominated by 1 Automaker

The hybrid automotive market has never been better. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles reached an all-time sales high for 2021, with over 1.2 million hybrid vehicles sold.

With all of these hybrids on the road today, there is an all-time high availability of used hybrid cars for sale. According to Consumer Reports’ Most Satisfying Used Hybrid Vehicles list, there is one automaker that dominated the list.

This trusted brand dominates

A hybrid car with a hybrid logo on it that is white.
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Accounting for nearly half of all US hybrid sales is Toyota. Thanks to the early adoption of hybrid technology in the late 1990s with the first generation Prius, the Prius name became synonymous with hybrid vehicles before they reached peak popularity.

The 2017 Toyota Prius takes the top spot in Consumer Reports’ Most Satisfying Used Hybrid Vehicles list, and it is easy to see why. The interior of the 2017 Prius is impressive even by today’s standards. It is a great family car that can seat adults in the back seat, with remarkable cargo space out of any hatchback.

When owners were asked if they would rebuy their 2017 Prius, an impressive 80% stated they would, a statistic leading all 2017 model year vehicles. With nearly 60 mpg and the versatility of an actual family car, the Prius is a no-brainer, even nearly 20 years after it was first released.

If nearly 60 mpg is not enough for you, the 2017 Prius Prime also made the list. It is a plug-in hybrid electric Prius, capable of all the same impressive numbers as the regular Prius but is also capable of driving 20 miles on battery power only. With most daily commutes spanning less than 20 miles for city dwellers, this Prius is the perfect vehicle for many Americans.

Toyota luxury makes the list

Another Toyota on this list is the 2017 Toyota Avalon hybrid. The Avalon, a staple of the Toyota lineup and the bridge between Toyota and Lexus when it comes to luxury, has an impressive hybrid option. Owners of the Avalon rave about the style, performance, and value, with many comparing the Avalon to Lexus’ offerings, indicating that you get much more car for much less money than the comparable Lexus.

The Avalon’s equipped technology is impressive for 2017, and as a family car, the Avalon hybrid gets a combined 36 mpg. With this hybrid option, you get compact car efficiency in a substantial full-size car package.

Toyota’s family cars take top spots as well for hybrid cars

The legendary Toyota Camry also makes the list for the 2017 model year, giving hybrid efficiency to one of the most affordable and popular full-size family cars in America today. While consumers have indicated that the Camry has sluggish performance for its size, those complaints are short-lived when they notice the extremely quiet ride quality.

Those performance numbers are even more insignificant today now that the 2017 Camry holds perfect scores in reliability for its bulletproof drivetrain. With the hybrid Camry, you get the same perks as the regular Camry, but with 38 mpg overall.

While we mentioned the Prius earlier, the Prius V also makes the list in the family car segment. The Prius V has the same technology found in the smaller Prius but with increased wagon-like dimensions giving you as much room as possible in the interior for passengers and cargo. This larger Prius has great reliability ratings throughout the entire vehicle. With only 3 mpg lost between the smaller, previous generation Prius and the larger Prius V, the Prius V remains a wonderful option for larger environmentally-conscious families.

Toyota’s SUVs dominate the hybrid car list

For this list, the 2017 Toyota full-size Highlander SUV is one of the most reliable hybrid vehicles you can buy. The Highlander took the top spot overall among all vehicles in its class for reliability in 2017. That reliability continues today, where owners report high reliability in nearly every aspect, especially in the engine and drive system. According to Consumer Reports, the hybrid Highlander gets a respectable 25 mpg overall. For a vehicle this big, 25 mpg is a solid number for drivers using it to haul a more extensive family around town.

Finally, the Toyota RAV4 brings up the end of this list regarding hybrid reliability. Today in 2022, the RAV4 is a class-defining vehicle, and for 2017, many of those “top-of-the-class” features are there. With the hybrid RAV4, consumers get 31 mpg out of this respectably-sized SUV. Reliability reports list the RAV4’s drivetrain and the hybrid system as some of the most reliable on the market.

For anyone in the market for a used hybrid vehicle, 2017 model year Toyotas are nearly perfect across the board in terms of reliability and longevity.

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