Consumer Reports on the Fastest Ways to Defog Car Windows

Having foggy windows on a car while trying to navigate the snowy roads is a major issue. When it comes to car safety, Consumer Reports has some tips on how to defog your car windows quickly and safely.

How can I make my windshield defog faster? Consumer Reports has some quick tips.

Consumer Reports on defrosting car windows
Consumer Reports on defrosting car windows quickly | Michal Fludra/NurPhoto via Getty Images

One of the easiest options available, Consumer Reports suggests the defog mode. This mode helps enable the air conditioning and fans to get things moving. “Defrost” mode moves warm, dry air to the windshield and front side windows to help defog the glass. The warm air can also help melt snow and ice at the same time.

While it aids in removing ice on the outside of the windows, it also helps reduce condensation on the inside. Once it feels better in the cabin, you can turn down the fan. Depending on the type of weather, this is a relatively quick process. It is a good idea to stay put until your windows are clear of snow, frost, or anything else that might obscure your view.

Consumer Reports says that air conditioning isn’t the enemy

Air conditioning gets a bad reputation during the winter, but it shouldn’t. Air conditioning has a variety of purposes, not just keeping you cold during the summer. When you turn on the A/C in the winter, it helps dehumidify the air in the car. “You can still set the temperature to a comfortable level and enjoy warm, dry air from the vents,” Consumer Reports says.

If you aren’t using the “defrost” mode and prefer a more manual approach, be sure to use the fresh air option. Consumer Reports notes that this is the opposite of recirculation mode, which keeps air circulating through the cabin. With fresh air mode, air comes in from the outside to keep the interior air fresh. Another option is to crack a window. Cracking a window can help get some fresh (albeit cold) air into the cabin to combat the moisture in the air.

Stay warm this winter!


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Many people simply turn on the heat and blast the air as soon as the car turns on. Consumer Reports says not to do that. If you blast the air conditioning right away, you must endure a cold breeze until it warms up. You can turn the warm air on, but keep it low until the desired temperature is reached.

Mark Rober is a former NASA and Apple engineer that has taken to YouTube to share his knowledge. In the quick video above, he offers some of the science behind these tips. Defrosting your window is a significant part of living in colder climates, so getting to know the science behind the solutions might get you on the road quicker!