Consumer Reports Doesn’t Recommend a Single Genesis SUV

If you’re in the market for a new luxury SUV, head to the experts to find the best options. For a few years, Genesis SUVs have been winning awards as the best overall models. However, Consumer Reports doesn’t recommend a single Genesis SUV. CR only reviewed the 2022 Genesis GV70 and GV80, and neither is good enough for CR. The luxury compact and midsize SUV segments are competitive, but it’s still surprising that both Genesis models fell short.

Consumer Reports doesn’t recommend the 2022 Genesis GV70

A red 2022 Genesis GV70 parked in a driveway. Consumer Reports doesn't recommend a single Genesis SUV in the luxury compact or midsize SUV categories.
2022 Genesis GV70 | Genesis

In the luxury compact SUV segment, Consumer Reports recommends many models. It does not, however, recommend buying the 2022 Genesis GV70. There are a few reasons the publication doesn’t think it’s one of the best. For example, the controls and rear visibility could be much better. CR even went as far as to call the controls “nightmarish,” as they’re confusing for the driver and take time to adjust.

Even worse is the rear visibility, which CR hates. Furthermore, the rear three-quarter view is blocked by the sloping roofline and thick pillars between the doors and windows. There is also a small third side window that CR says is useless for seeing anything. Unfortunately, it adds more blocked visibility around it, making blind spots plentiful.

Lastly, the 2022 Genesis GV70 received a poor predicted reliability score from Consumer Reports. Since it is a brand new model, the reviewers couldn’t use previous model year data. Instead, predicted reliability for 2022 is determined by Genesis’ brand history and data from the GV80, which shares its powertrain. Unfortunately, that earned the GV70 a below-average rating, so CR doesn’t expect excellent reliability.

The Genesis GV80 could be a luxury SUV that receives the One of One treatments
Genesis GV80 | Genesis

According to Genesis, the 2021 Genesis GV80 won multiple awards, including an IIHS Top Safety Pick+, the Best Buy of the Year for Luxury Midsize SUVs from KBB, and AutoTrader’s Best New Cars of 2021. In addition, MotorBiscuit gave the GV80 the award for best overall SUV. However, Consumer Reports doesn’t recommend buying the 2022 Genesis GV80. Its dislikes for the luxury midsize model aren’t too different from the smaller GV70.

Just like Genesis’ compact SUV, the GV80 suffers from poor controls. Controls are confusing for the driver and take some getting used to, just like the GV70. In addition, the physical knobs and buttons are silver on silver, which lack contrast. As a result, it can be challenging to see what you’re pressing or turning in the daylight.

Next, the midsize model’s fuel economy isn’t as good as the competition. While top-ranked models like the 2022 BMW X5 average 23 combined mpg, the GV80 only gets 18 mpg. As a result, CR calculated the average driver’s annual fuel cost at around $3,825. We’re positive that’s even higher now that gas prices are the highest they’ve ever been.

Lastly, the GV80 has even worse predicted reliability than the compact GV70. With only one previous model year, the GV80 suffered from drive system problems, electronic problems, and even some braking issues. Unfortunately, CR doesn’t expect the 2022 model year to improve very much in this department.

Consumer Reports doesn’t recommend a single Genesis SUV


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In conclusion, Consumer Reports does not recommend the two Genesis SUVs. Moreover, the luxury compact and midsize models fail to impress similarly. For example, both vehicles have confusing controls that are difficult to use while driving. Furthermore, reliability is an issue for the brand in general. Hopefully, in the future, some of these problems will be ironed out as one of the newest luxury brands continues improving.