Consumer Reports’ Best Ford SUV Might Surprise You

If you’re interested in any vehicles in Ford‘s SUV lineup, look to the experts to find the best option. While many people love the new Ford Bronco or classics like the Explorer and Edge, experts don’t think they’re the best models. Consumer Reports’ highest-rated Ford SUV might surprise you. The best Ford SUV from CR is the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport.

What is the best Ford SUV?

The 2022 Ford Bronco Sport is Consumer reports' best ford SUV.
The Ford Bronco Sport SUV | Ford

Consumer Reports‘ best Ford SUV is the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport. That’s right, not the regular Bronco, the Bronco Sport. It’s not a trim level or a different version of the Bronco; it’s an entirely different vehicle all its own. Competing in the compact SUV category, the crossover is considered one of the best overall by CR. It’s one of the recommended models in its class and one of three CR-recommended Ford SUVs.

The other two Ford SUVs Consumer Reports recommends are the Expedition and Edge. However, both received a lower rating than the Bronco Sport. Moreover, the Edge is only a few points behind but has more problems than the best Ford SUV. For CR, the Bronco Sport is one of the best vehicles in its class. With plenty of things to like, it’s no wonder it’s rated as the best overall Ford SUV.

What does Consumer Reports like about the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport?

A 2022 Ford Bronco Sport standard features for safety, tech, engine, and more.
2022 Ford Bronco Sport | Ford

There are a few different reasons the publication loves the Ford crossover. First is the agility of its standard 1.5-liter turbo 3-cylinder and optional 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder. CR says it possesses some of the same agility and handling as the Escape, which has been one of the best in that category for a while. Next, the Bronco Sport has very user-friendly controls. CR says they’re within easy reach of the driver, intuitive to use, and calls them “a model of clarity.”

Finally, the reviewer likes the character of the crossover. CR’s road test report calls it “brimming with outdoorsy character.” Although not as off-road capable as the standard Bronco, the Sport version still comes with off-roading features. For example, an off-road suspension, all-terrain tires, underbody skid plates, front tow hooks, 4WD with a unique rear differential, off-road cruise control called Trail Control, a forward-looking 180-degree camera, rubberized flooring, a household power outlet, and more make the Bronco Sport off-road-ready.

How much is the best Ford SUV?


2022 Ford Bronco Sport Standard Features

According to Ford, the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Base model costs $28,565. That’s about $2,000 less than the cheapest version of the standard Bronco. Only the Ecosport and Escape are more affordable than the Sport in the automaker’s SUV lineup. Compared to the SUV with which it shares its name, it’s far more affordable throughout the lineup.

For example, the Bronco Sport Badlands trim starts at $36,590 and is the range-topping model. However, there are three other models higher than the standard Bronco Badlands, which starts at $44,495. Choosing the highest trim level Bronco, Raptor, costs customers $68,500. CR likes the Sport version so much better because of its affordability. The smaller SUV has a lot of value, especially with the off-road-oriented features in higher trims.

Consumer Reports’ best Ford SUV might surprise you

In conclusion, Consumer Reports‘ best Ford SUV is the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport. Compared to other models in the lineup, it’s the perfect blend of value, off-road capability, roominess, and quality. As a new model still in its first years, it hasn’t had the chance to lose points due to reliability, either. For some other Ford SUVs, many reviewers give lower scores for not lasting long or having frequent mechanical issues. Nothing is inevitable, but that could be something that comes in the future as owners possess the new model for a couple more years. For now, only the Expedition, Edge, and Bronco Sport are recommended, but the latter is the best Ford SUV.