Consumer Reports: Best 2020 SUVs

Take it or leave it, Consumer Reports is a typically well-trusted source in terms of buying a new car. It compiles consumer reviews as well as road tests. Vehicles are then rated on several different aspects such as efficiency and driving experience to give cars realistic overall scores and reliability ratings. Naturally, CR made a list of best 2020 SUVs.

The following SUVs represent the vehicles that CR rates in the top spots in a variety of SUV classes including subcompact, compact, midsized, and large sport-utility vehicles.

CR can be a great place to start the research journey when searching for your next vehicle. Because SUVs are so popular, we thought sharing these CR top score earners may be helpful for anyone shopping for the right SUV.

The best subcompact SUV

CR scores the Subaru Crosstrek with an 85 overall. According to CR, the 2020 Subaru Crosstrek is the best subcompact SUV of the year. It gets an overall mpg rating of 29 mpg, has the highest possible predicted reliability rating.

CR’s review says that its a comfortable and capable SUV, but they had issues with engine noise and the lower-back support in the front seats.

The review also explains that the plug-in hybrid “only provides brief electric propulsion and battery robs cargo space.” CR posts a price range of $22,145 – $35,145 for this Subaru SUV.

The best compact SUV

For this category, CR had a tie. Both the 2020 Mazda CX-5 and the 2020 Subaru Forester scored 84 for their overall ratings. The Mazda CX-5 rated better for reliability, the driving experience scored well for the Subaru Forester.

The Forester has a price range of $24,495-$37,155, and the CX-5 is priced at $25,190-$37,155. They earned overall gas mileage ratings of 24 and 28 miles per gallon respectively.

2020 Subaru Outback

The best midsized SUV

Of course, the 2020 Kia Telluride made it on this list –– with the highest score of all the other SUVs –– in addition to its many other accomplishments since its 2019 debut. The Telluride already has a fantastic reputation for being a great car for a great price.

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According to CR, the Kia Telluride gets an overall 21 mpg and earned a nearly perfect score in the road test. CR posts a price range of $31,890-$43,790 for this new-to-the-market midsized SUV.

The best large SUV

There’s another CR tie in this class. The 2020 Ford Expedition shares a score of 73 overall with the Toyota Sequoia. The Expedition scored significantly higher than the Sequoia in the road test, while the Toyota SUV rated higher for reliability.

The 2020 Ford Expedition

CR posted 15 mpg for the Sequoia and 16 mpg for the Expedition. The Ford Expedition ranges from $48,990-$80,110 while the Sequoia is priced from $49,980-$69,245.

Consumer Reports best SUV of 2020

Each of these 2020 SUVs earned top scores in their class and are a good place to start narrowing down SUV options. You can choose between SUV size and compare the particulars.

This insight will hopefully inspire further research and lead you to your perfect SUV match. Subaru has two models in top spots and the Kia Telluride earned the highest score of all, but there are many others.

While all the options can at times feel a bit overwhelming, it’s nice to have so many to choose from. This list may help you organize your research a bit better. At the very least, we hope it gives you a nudge in the right direction.