What Does Consumer Reports Like About the 2022 Ford Maverick?

Since its introduction, the Ford Maverick has taken the truck segment by storm. As a small pickup truck, it has proven that Americans are willing to buy trucks that are not necessarily a full-size vehicle. Additionally, the 2022 Maverick is built with unibody construction. For models like the Honda Ridgeline, not having body-on-frame construction has been a difficult selling point. But, this does not seem to be the case for this new compact truck from Ford, as reflected by Consumer Reports’ praise.

Consumer Reports likes the 2022 Ford Maverick pickup truck

A new Ford Maverick demonstrates its capability as a small truck, a reason Consumer Reports praises this pickup.
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

In general, Consumer Reports does like the new Ford Maverick. The publication states that it has affordable pricing while remaining a usable vehicle. It is a truck that can seat up to five passengers, plus it has a standard hybrid powertrain. According to Consumer Reports, the Maverick has a good driving position and engaging handling. These characteristics help to make this small truck successful. 

Something else that truck buyers are likely to appreciate is the sort of old-school feel about the new Maverick. While it may have modern features, the base model rides on steel wheels. For those in search of added capability, when you opt for the available turbocharged engine, the 2022 Maverick pickup can come with all-wheel drive. 

The bed of the 2022 Maverick is functional

A small pickup truck, the 2022 Ford Maverick truck drives on a remote road.
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

While the Maverick may ride more like a car than a truck, it does have a usable bed. The bed is not wide enough to fit a standard sheet of plywood, but the tailgate can be set at different levels. This will allow you to fit longer materials in the Maverick without needing to worry about them falling out.

Another notable fact is that the bed height is ideal for most uses. Buyers can easily take things in and out of the Maverick’s bed. The load height is actually lower than that of the Hyundai Santa Cruz, which does give the Ford truck an edge. 

Consumer Reports notes good visibility for the Maverick

As a truck, the Ford Maverick does offer good visibility. The low dashboard paired with the wide windshield makes seeing out of this compact truck an easier task. The flat hood also aids with things like parking, because you see where the front bumper and fenders are. 

One notable downfall is that the Maverick lacks a rear window defroster. Because of this, drivers who live in winter climates may have more trouble clearing off their truck. Which could certainly become frustrating fast. 

Is the Ford Maverick worth buying?

A yellow Ford Maverick small truck navigates a mountain road.
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

The Ford Maverick has a starting cost of around $20,000, because of that it is likely worth buying. Perhaps the biggest issue is finding a Maverick truck for sale. Ford has had to pause orders of the 2022 Maverick and is currently focusing on its current order list. Because of this, you may have to wait for the 2023 model year. 

But, if you are lucky enough to find this pickup truck at a dealership, Consumer Reports does have plenty of positive things to say about it. 

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