Consumer Reports: 5 Trouble Spots That Signal Reliability Problems for These Trucks and SUVs

There are a lot of categories scored during Consumer Reports annual testing. When it comes to reliability, there are 17 trouble spots that owners of these trucks and SUVs have reported to Consumer Reports. The trucks and SUVs below have reported problems within the first few years on the road, a time where most vehicles would still be problem-free. And yes, the Tesla Model Y is leading the way.

Consumer Reports says the Tesla Model Y has had a lot of body hardware issues

Consumer Reports reports on trouble spots on trucks and SUVs like the Tesla Model Y
Consumer Reports reports on trouble spots on trucks and SUVs like the Tesla Model Y picture here | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This problem spot has been big news in the past. Consumer Reports says that many owners of the Tesla Model Y have reported issues with the body hardware. That included things like the windows, locks, doors, tailgate, and trunk. It can also include the sunroof, glass defects, and seat controls. For the most part, the 2020 Tesla Model Y received rave reviews. It received the “recommended” label, the “green choice” pick, and a perfect owner satisfaction score.

However, 7.1% of Tesla owners have reported gaps in body panels, panels not lining up, and problems closing/opening the trunk. The automaker has been working on the body panel situation, but it is still present in new versions. The reliability score is a one out of five.

Consumer Reports says in-car electronics were an issue for the Honda Passport

The 2019 Honda Passport is one SUV that reported problems with the in-car electronics. Consumer Reports says this category can include things like the CD player, entertainment system, GPS, and other electronics. As technology advances, these systems tend to become more tedious. This has more than 14.3% of Honda Passport owners reporting issues with the in-car electronics system.

In extreme cases, this means replacing the entire system. Depending on how old or new the vehicle costs, that could be an expensive replacement. Both the reliability and owner satisfaction were an average three out of five.

Owners reported problems with the power equipment and accessories in the Lincoln Aviator

Consumer Reports says power equipment systems can include things like cruise control, clocks, warning lights, and keyless entry. It might also include things like the horn, climate-controlled seats, or the alarm. While some of these items are comfort systems, something like the alarm system is quite important. The 2020 Lincoln Aviator has a reliability score of one out of five. Many owners reported such issues, which left the Aviator with an average owner satisfaction score.

Problems with the Ford F-350 suspension and steering were reported

Suspension and steering problems can relate to shocks, struts, ball joints, and wheel bearings. The alignment, power steering, and bushings are also within the suspension and steering category. Consumer Reports says 10.6% of 2019 Ford F-350 owners documented these issues. A steering wheel vibration was mentioned, as well as constant wobbles while driving down the road. This led to “premature wearing of the steering components,” CR said.

Consumer Reports says don’t forget to check the brakes on your Buick Encore GX!


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Brake problems are a huge issue when it comes to buying a reliable car. These potential problems can be present in the antilock brake system (ABS), parking brake, master cylinder, and rotors. These issues might cause squeaking, brake failure, or premature wear. Consumer Reports says the 2020 Buick Encore GX has shown signs of brake issues. Multiple owners have reported excess squealing while engaging the brakes. That isn’t a deal-breaker, but it is worth looking out for.

Buying a used car can be stressful, but Consumer Reports says being aware of problems ahead of time might save you some headaches. While all of these trucks and SUVs also have positive attributes, be careful to research your vehicle choice before writing a check.