Consumer Reports Says These Are the 4 Worst SUVs and Trucks for Tall People

Being a tall person can undoubtedly impact your ability to fit into a new car. Consumer Reports has some of the worst SUVs and trucks on the market for those who might need a little extra room in the driver’s seat.

Consumer Reports thought the Toyota Tacoma was one of the worst SUVs and trucks for tall people

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the worst SUVs and trucks for tall people, according to Consumer Reports
The Toyota Tacoma picture here is one of the worst SUVs and trucks for tall people, according to Consumer Reports | Toyota

The Toyota Tacoma isn’t usually on the “worst of” lists, but it made this one. Consumer Reports says that the 2022 Tacoma is one of the worst SUVs for tall drivers. It came in fourth on the list of compact pickup trucks, but it just seems to be a little too tight for some. In the comfort and convenience section, the Toyota Tacoma was lacking. The front and rear seat comfort both only cracked a score of two out of five.

“Inside, it still has a too-high step-in, a too-low driver’s seat, and a ceiling that scrapes scalps of those entering the cabin,” Consumer Reports says. There is the optional power driver’s seat, but it doesn’t make too much of a difference if you are already too tall. Plus, the shallow windows limit the visibility.

Consumer Reports also found the half SUV, half truck Jeep Gladiator dissapointing

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Some people think the Jeep Gladiator has the best of both worlds: part truck and part SUV. However, if you are a tall person, keep looking. The Gladiator also came in last on the list of similar 2022 pickup trucks. According to the testers for CR, the cabin of the Jeep truck is roomy. However, the driver is not given a left footrest. This makes the left leg constantly rub against the door hinge, which can be uncomfortable.

The seats are flat and squishy, which isn’t as comfortable as it might sound. Plus, it doesn’t come with power adjustments. It does offer OK visibility, except if you remove the doors. The side mirrors are attached to the doors, which will make the visibility, in general, a lot less. Unfortunately, that makes the Jeep Gladiator one of the worst SUVs and trucks for tall people.

The Jeep Wrangler SUV had many of the same faults

The Jeep Wrangler shares a lot of similar issues as the Gladiator. The front seats aren’t very comfortable and won’t be comfortable on long drives. For taller people, Consumer Reports thought that uncomfortable position might be amplified. The lack of power seats means the driver might also be at an awkward height. The same issue with the lack of footrest is noted. Having a specific place to rest the left foot can help when off-roading. “On top of that, the door strap that limits how wide the door can open often tickles the driver’s shin — an annoyance for several of our testers.” Consumer Reports says this is a small detail, but one worth noting.

Some of the taller people testing the Jeep Wrangler also noted that the roll bar got in the way. Due to its location behind the driver’s head, some people reported hitting the bar. This would be especially concerning during intense off-road adventures.

Consumer Reports thought the Lincoln Navigator could use an adjustment

You would think a large SUV like the Lincoln Navigator would be a great fit for tall drivers. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. It came in third on the list of similar large SUVs. Many of the Consumer Reports testers found the seats uncomfortable, however, power front seats are a plus. Even though the seats are adjustable, buyers have to opt for the 24 or 30-way power seats to get any real adjustment.

A taller person might find the driving position awkward, despite the fact that Lincoln covered the center console with leather. The Lincoln Navigator is a large SUV, but it might be uncomfortable for taller drivers. Shorter drivers might also have issues with the front seat. The Navigator does come with extra safety sensors to help people see when visibility might be limited.

That isn’t a long list, but Consumer Reports thought those were the worst SUVs and trucks for tall people. If you don’t believe the testing, hop in one of these vehicles and give it a try for yourself. Just don’t bang your head on the Jeep Wrangler’s roll bar.

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