Consumer Reports: 2022 Toyota Sequoia Is More Reliable, but the 2022 Ford Expedition Is Better

While the used car market continues to level out, purchasing a new car, truck, or SUV is still a complicated process. In the large SUV category, the competition is heating up and Consumer Reports took note. What does the 2022 Ford Expedition offer that the 2022 Toyota Sequoia doesn’t?

The 2022 Toyota Sequoia is a large SUV on a truck body

Consumer Reports thinks the 2022 Toyota Sequoia is better than the 2022 Ford Expedition
The 2022 Toyota Sequoia off-roading | Toyota

While the 2022 Toyota Sequoia is all over the news, what are the major advantages this large SUV offers? Consumer Reports gave the brand-new vehicle a 60/100 on the road test. Both the predicted reliability and predicted owner satisfaction came in at 4/5, which is a good sign.

Since the Sequoia SUV is based on the body of the Toyota Tundra, Toyota already has this vehicle figured out. Consumer Reports says it has a punchy powertrain, a large and comfortable interior, and towing/off-road capability that rivals the best. While it is brand new and rides better than previous years, Consumer Reports found it a bit clumsy on the road.

2022 Toyota Sequoia highs2022 Toyota Sequoia lows
Stong powertrainNot so agile on the road
Luxury interior offeringsBraking isn’t great
Large towing capacityStiff and clumsy ride
Tons of storageFuel economy is subpar

With Toyota Safety Sense-P (TSS-P) on all trim levels, you get all of the latest safety features. These safety features include forward-collision warning (FCW), automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW), and more.

The 2022 Ford Expedition has a lot of room if you need it

The 2022 Ford Expedition managed to wrangle first place on Consumer Reports list of large SUVs. It scored a 73/100 on the road test and a 4/5 on the predicted owner satisfaction category. For the predicted reliability, it managed a 3/5. The 2022 Expedition managed to get lighter and more nimble for this year while adding more comfort and safety features.

2022 Ford Expedition highs2022 Ford Expedition lows
Quick accelerationRide is a bit clumsy
Quiet on the roadHard to get into due to size
Tons of interior roomHandling isn’t a strong suit
Lots of standard safety featuresFuel economy could be improved

This large SUV can be purchased in two lengths, with the MAX adding an extra foot to the length. The two length options mean that you can add even more cargo space if you need a lot of room (like a lot). But don’t overlook the fact that this makes the SUV incredibly hard to park in some situations. The Expedition has many active safety features standards, too, like the Sequoia.

These large SUVs are fairly evenly matched, but one might be more reliable


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Both SUVs lack in the fuel economy category. The 2022 Toyota Sequoia gets an overall 15 mpg while the Expedition racks up 15 mpg overall. The Sequoia somehow has two recalls from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) due to the steering. The NHTSA says an oil leak might cause a loss of power steering. This can be an easy fix but needs to be addressed right away. The reliability for the Sequoia is anticipated to be good due to Toyota’s overall history, but there isn’t much else to go on.

Looking at the reliability of the Expedition, it is all over the place. Consumer Reports has it in the red, then green, the right in between. There was no 2021 version to compare it to, but the experts anticipate it being mildly reliable. It isn’t a Toyota, but it should get the job done.