Consumer Reports: the 2022 Tesla Model X ‘Doesn’t Shine Brightly’

The 2022 Tesla Model X is a standout SUV. It has unique styling, a fully electric powertrain, and Tesla’s signature technology. Yet the Model X isn’t quite a perfect SUV, as Consumer Reports found out when it recently tested the Tesla. Here’s what Consumer Reports thought of the electric vehicle with Back to the Future doors, and why it said it “doesn’t shine brightly.”

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The Tesla Model X 100D electric SUV on display | Tesla

Consumer Reports’ 2022 Tesla Model X review wasn’t exactly glowing

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No one expects a car review to say only good things – that seems a bit unrealistic. Yet Consumer Reports critiques of the 2022 Tesla Model X revealed some reasons you just might want to reconsider this futuristic-style electric SUV. While the Model X is certainly unique, Consumer Reports says that it may be too unique for its own good. “…while breaking the mold can benefit consumers, the benefit is questionable in the case of the Model X. With enough gee-whiz gizmos to give William Gibson a thrill, the X seemingly sacrifices practicality for the purpose of showboating.”

In addition, Consumer Reports writes that the Model X “doesn’t shine brightly.” It’s loud, uncomfortable, and “demonstrates severely compromised usability and utility in everyday use.” In addition, its iconic features, like its “falcon wing” doors are unwieldy, slow, and frustrating.

The Tesla Model X is super safe – except for its steering wheel

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tested the 2022 Tesla Model X, and gives it all good ratings for the overall crash, side-crash, and rollover four-wheel-drive ratings. In addition, the 2022 Tesla Model X comes with an abundance of important safety features. The Tesla Model X also comes standard with antilock brakes, stability control, and front impact as well as side-impact airbags. They also have overhead and knee airbags.

However, the 2022 Tesla Model X comes with a yoke steering wheel that presents a safety problem for the Model X. Consumer Reports says that the “new yoke steering wheel adds insult to injury.” It doesn’t like that the yoke steering wheel lacks “stalks for turn signals, wipers, high beams or horn.” In order to operate these features, the driver has to push buttons which Consumer Reports says requires taking one’s eyes off the road and is a distraction. It also presented a problem when turning, pulling into driveways, and parking. Worst of all, Consumer Reports says that sometimes “the yoke simply slipped out of our test driver’s hands, which is dangerous.”

Is it worth getting a Model X?

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Unless you are obsessed with Tesla and can’t get enough of the 2022 Model X’s features despite their shortcomings, it’s probably best to skip this model. If Consumer Reports’ 2022 Tesla Model X review doesn’t convince you that it’s an SUV not worth your $115,000, it’s likely nothing will. And if that’s the case, then everything it offers may be up your alley – and it could be the perfect SUV for you.

Overall, Tesla makes some interesting vehicles that are certainly noteworthy. Yet are they purchase-worthy? As with the Model X, they can sometimes make more sense in concept than in real life.

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