Consumer Reports Says the 2021 BMW 2 Series Is a Hidden Gem

Consumer Reports recently made a list of underrated and often-overlooked cars that buyers pass by at dealerships. On this list of quality cars that get passed over is the entry-level BMW 2 series. Both the coupe and sedan options impressed test drivers with a smooth ride and a fun driving experience. 

Luxury and style at an approachable price

A blue BMW 2 series sedan against a yellow wall
2021 BMW 2 Series | BMW

BMW is a brand known for its minimalist design and elegant sophistication. Clean lines and high-quality materials give these cars an expensive feel, even at lower price points. The Series 2 has a starting MSRP between $37,500 and $45,500.

Without breaking the bank, these cars deliver a refined interior. The cabin is tight and high-quality without being flashy. Part of BMW’s distinct brand is its understated style. This car offers a stiff ride, but it is smoother than its competitor, the Mercedes-Benz CLA. 

The seats in both the sedan and coupe are tight but comfortable. Legroom is at a premium in these cars, which serves as a reminder of their price point. Neither model is short on comfort if light on elbow room, but this is not a spacious choice for families. Reviewers also noted some rear-facing child seats could be challenging to install. 

The 2 Series delivers a classic BMW driving experience

BMW is known for its driver experience that makes tackling turns fun. Sharp and responsive handling define the brand, and buyers expect a BMW to feel like a sports car. The 2 Series lives up to this legendary reputation and delivers a driving experience that Consumer Reports dubs smile-worthy. 

Test drivers were impressed with the availability of power the 2 Series delivers. A slight depression of the accelerator gives nearly instant power that climbs smoothly and predictably. The 228-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine delivers power without filling the cabin with noise.

Neat handling, steady and predictable power, and a quick-shifting transmission make these cars fun to drive. Both two-door and four-door options have tight suspensions that make for a grounded driving experience. 

The BMW 2 Series has a lot to offer. High-tech features give these entry-level cars an expensive feel. BMW’s iDrive system is accessible with a modern infotainment system. Smartphone features give the car a contemporary feel. 

Drivers can use optional voice or gesture commands to control the climate and audio systems. Each set of commands can be customized in the system’s setting. Testers recommend the system’s “wake” word to avoid accidental activation. 

The BMW app offers drivers convenience and control from a distance. The dual-zone automatic climate control system can be activated and adjusted via smartphone. It can also be used for vehicle tracking, activating and deactivating locks, and even remote start.

The 2 Series may not be a popular first choice, but it’s a fun-to-drive option that offers an expensive feel at this price point. Consumer Reports calls these cars hidden gems, and it’s easy to see why. These cars have high-tech features and great style that make them a great choice. 

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