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MotorBiscuit brings its own first-hand experience to the new car shopping process. However, we aren’t the only ones out there that have something to say on the matter. In fact, Consumer Guide gives five important tips for new car shopping as well. 

A green Kia Telluride at the 2019 North American International Auto Show
Kia Telluride | Sean Proctor/Bloomberg

1. Don’t rush the process when you’re buying a new car

When it comes to buying a new car, you don’t want to rush it. There are many steps to go through and it doesn’t typically pay to skip any. You’ll want to research many different makes and models. 

You’ll also want to go and test the ones that land as top favorites on your list. Buying a new car is fun, but it’s wise to take it slow. Make sure that you don’t get pushed into anything you aren’t completely comfortable with. 

When it comes to signing on the dotted line, it’s a good idea to move slowly through negotiating the price and financing terms. Consumer Guide recommends that new car buyers take their time finding the right car for them. Also, it recommends allowing at least three days to go the dealerships to check out the models you like in person.  

Find the time: “If the lease on your current vehicle is up next week, you’ve already skipped this step.”

Consumer Guide

2. Shop for what you want to pay for 

A parked 2021 Toyota Camry, one of the best affordable new cars under $30,000
2021 Toyota Camry | Toyota

New car pricing keeps getting higher. That’s typically just the way it goes. So if you have in mind to pay about the same amount as your last car payment, you may end up in a vehicle that’s not quite as well-equipped as your current vehicle. 

Consumer Guide says to consider your current payment. It’s important to decide if you want to back off that price a little or are comfortable with hiking it up a bit. Overall, new car shopping requires buyers to assess their financial situation. It’s important to know exactly what kind of monthly payment you feel comfortable with before committing. 

3. Consider what you like

A blue 2021 Honda CR-V Touring driving
2021 Honda CR-V Touring | Honda

Consumer Guide suggests that when someone thinks about buying a new car it’s important to consider the present model they are driving. Drivers can take note of what they like or even love about the car they currently drive. 

It helps inform their new car shopping experience. Knowing what you’ve already liked about your current or past cars makes it easier to make a checklist of things you want in your new car. Knowing what you like makes a big difference. 

4. Consider what you don’t like

The interior of the 2021 Mazda CX-5.
2021 Mazda CX-5 interior | Mazda

In addition to figuring out what’s not to like about a current or past model, drivers should also decide what they don’t like. This way, it’s easy to rule out certain makes and models. Basing decisions off of what you like is important. 

However, it’s equally important to know exactly what you don’t want in your new car. If you can’t stand the fact that your car doesn’t have leather trim, for example, you’ll be sure to shop for models that do. 

5. Exploring the options

the interior showroom at a mercedes-benz car dealership while patrons are new car shopping
Car dealership | Valery SharifulinTASS via Getty Images

The last of the five tips that Consumer Guide gives us for new car shopping, is to explore the available options and keep an open mind. Drivers who are in a compact car may find that they are ready to move up to a crossover. On the other hand, some drivers may want to downsize for better fuel economy. 

It’s good to keep in mind the purpose the new vehicle will serve. In order to ensure that it fulfills this purpose, it must first be properly defined. While sometimes what we need in a car doesn’t align perfectly with what we want in a car, it’s best to be practical. 

Consumer Guide’s helpful tips

When engaging in the new car shopping process, buyers want to be informed. Everyone wants to walk away with the knowledge that they made the right choice. In addition, it feels good when a particularly good deal is made. These helpful hints from Consumer Guide could improve the future satisfaction rating of that new car purchase.


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