Considerations You Should Make Before Buying an eBike

As eBikes continue to grow in popularity, you may be thinking about buying one. Electric bicycles are excellent transportation options for those with busy and active lifestyles. Today’s eBikes feature increased technology and elegant designs that are easier to use than ever. 

The human-electric hybrid propulsion system is widely available and can provide a cost-efficient alternative to hybrids or electric vehicles. Although an eBike won’t break the bank, it is still an expensive investment compared to a traditional bike. Therefore, there are five considerations you should make before buying an eBike. 

Type of Ebike

The two main category types of eBikes include hub motors and mid-drive electric bicycles. A hub motor is located on either the front or rear wheel. Whereas, the motor of a mid-drive is on the frame of the bike. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type, as seen in this guide by Momentum Mag.

For example, rear hub motors can handle higher power options and provide a riding style similar to a traditional bicycle. In contrast, front hub motors give the rider an “all-wheel-drive” sensation that is not liked by all. 

On the other hand, mid-drive systems use the bicycle’s standard drive-train, allowing it to use the gears already installed on the bike for more efficient results and the feel of a traditional bike. Along with the types, there are three ways to get the motor to operate, pedal assist, throttle assist, or a combination of the two. Choosing the right options is essential to finding the most suitable eBike for you. 

E-bike quality

You will want to look over both the electronic and mechanical elements of an eBike before purchasing to ensure it is quality built. You’ll want to look for a durable frame, high-quality shifters, an effective braking system, reliable battery, and an electronic system rated for the advertised power and range. A quality eBike should provide a comfortable ride with an increased bike life cycle. 

Ebike Storage

Determining where you will be storing your eBike is one of the first considerations before making your purchase. Unlike traditional bicycles, eBikes are heavy, usually weighing between 40-60 pounds. Therefore, you should not expect to carry it up easily or downstairs. You will want to find a safe space to get the bike in and out from with minimal hassle. 

Being an expensive item, you will not want to leave your eBike outside or in an unsecured space. It is important to remember that batteries do not like the cold, so finding a convenient temperature-controlled storage space that allows access to an outlet would be ideal. 

Local Regulations

Even with the growth of eBikes in the United States, they are not legal everywhere. It is worth doing your due diligence before purchasing to ensure that your local laws will allow you to ride hassle-free. While eBikes are legal in most places, there may be restrictions or requirements you must follow.

Some jurisdictions ban the use of throttle-controlled bikes or eBikes with motors over a specific wattage. Other jurisdictions place eBikes in the same categories as scooters, which can have a long list of licensing requirements. 

Cost of Additional Accessories

The cost of the eBike is only part of the equation. You also want to factor in the price of accessories when making an eBike purchase. Ebike accessories are essential for increased enjoyment while cruising around on your new bike. 

Accessories you may consider is a back rack, panniers, or additional lights. To help protect your investment, you will also want a great lock. Keeping these five things in mind before buying an eBike will ensure your new ride fits into your lifestyle. 

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