Conor McGregor Is a Fan of Fast Lamborghinis, Whether on Land or Sea

Celebrities like to spend money on hobbies, and UFC fighter Conor McGregor is no different. He has an impressive car collection that most of us would love an opportunity to see. While some impressive collections are varied and diverse, McGregor seems to have much love for one particular type of car. He has spent a good portion of his UFC checks on Lamborghinis.

Conor McGregor loves his Lamborghinis

Conor McGregor in a a pink suit and black shirt in front of a grey background.
Conor McGregor | Getty Images

While McGregor does have other cars in his collection, including Rolls-Royce, McLaren, and Land Rover, the Lamborghinis tend to stand out. According to Celebrity Net Worth, McGregor is worth a cool $200 million, so he can afford the supercars. 

Motorious says that he has a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster among his collection, which he aptly calls “The Flamethrower.” He also has a Lamborghini Urus, which is the superbrand’s luxury SUV. He posted pictures of it on Christmas Eve 2019 with a big red bow on the hood. Christmas was extra special that year, it seems.

McGregor also has the Huracan Avio. This model was limited to a 250 unit run, so McGregor is in a small elite owners club. Those aren’t the only Lamborghinis that McGregor owns, though. 

McGregor also owns a superyacht

Lamborghini doesn’t just put their name on cars. The Lamborghini 63 superyacht is a luxury performance water-going vessel with all the performance and reputation the automaker stands for. Just like the title says, the yacht is 63 feet long. 1963 is also the year Lamborghini was founded, making the name have a double meaning.

This is a performance vehicle. According to the Robb Report, this yacht is powered by two V12 diesels that each produces 2000 hp. That gives the boat a mighty 4000 hp total. The yacht tops out at 60 knots, which makes it one of the fastest in its class. It burns 100 gallons of fuel an hour when cruising at 40 knots, which is perhaps not the most fuel-efficient, but it still boasts 360 nautical mile range. 

The Lamborghini 63 yacht shares design inspiration with its supercar siblings. It’s low profile with angular windows, a design it shares with the cars. The yacht is also the same color as the Sian, and the cockpit is designed to emulate the Aventador. McGregor probably feels pretty comfortable in the driver’s seat since he owns an Aventador as well. The Lamborghini 63 is well laid out inside and features two bedrooms. McGregor paid $3.5 million for the yacht.

Maybe McGregor needs to spend more time relaxing on his yacht


You Might Need the Lamborghini 63 Motor Yacht

At the MTV Video Music Awards, McGregor and singer Machine Gun Kelly got into it on the red carpet. No statements have been made from either party. Machine Gun Kelly came up to McGregor, and they spoke, but it very quickly became heated. There are no authentic reports on who started the fight, but both parties had to be led away from each other. 

Machine Gun Kelly threw a drink in McGregor’s direction. What was said caused McGregor’s security to respond during the conversation to push Machine Gun Kelly away? At that point, MGK fought back and had to be led away. McGregor later said that he didn’t even know the guy and didn’t even know exactly what happened. Either way, maybe it’s a sign to spend a little more time on his yacht relaxing.