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Nothing quite fits the celebrity lifestyle like a luxurious car like a Bentley. However, with great power comes great responsibility, as the old saying goes. UFC star Connor McGregor is undoubtedly no stranger to legal issues. Recently, he added a couple of new charges to his rap sheet that involves his 2019 Bentley Continental GT Speed.

McGregor got arrested for speeding in his Bentley in March

Connor McGregor wearing a suit being escorted by police to court date
Connor McGregor going to court | TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

According to AutoEvolution, news broke in late March that Irish police pulled Connor McGregor over for speeding in his convertible Bentley Continental GT Speed. Additionally, there’s even a Twitter clip of it actually happening. He was driving down the N4 highway in Ireland at, evidently, and inappropriately fast speed. So, Irish police pulled him over.

Police didn’t just slap the UFC superstar on the wrist, either. Evidently, McGregor has a long history of traffic violations in Ireland. So, police immediately arrested him and took him to the station instead of just issuing a citation. Additionally, McGregor was given a court date.

Fast forward to early April 2022, and McGregor can be seen in a suit and tie as he enters the Irish court. Unfortunately, it didn’t go too smoothly. The court added four additional charges to McGregor’s offenses on top of his dangerous driving charge. Allegedly, McGregor was driving without proof of insurance or his driver’s license, too. However, someone from his team reports that he produced those documents for the court.

McGregor is due to appear in court for these charges once again in June 2022. Until then, he remains out on bail. He even made a flashy entrance for his court date, too. He rolled up behind the wheel of a Rolls Royce, followed closely by his security detail.

This isn’t his first run-in with the law from behind the wheel

It’s easy to see how one could get a little wild when driving a 2019 Bentley Continental GT Speed. According to Car and Driver, Bentley’s twin-turbocharged W12 engine makes a whopping 626 horsepower. The big luxury coupe can sprint from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 3.3 seconds by way of its all-wheel drive system and eight-speed automatic transmission. That’s some pretty rapid acceleration for such a big vehicle! We all know the temptation of having a good amount of power on tap in a fast car. It’s just a matter of self-control.

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Bentley Continental GT | Getty Images

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However, pinning it on the car doesn’t really excuse the behavior. Plus, in 2017, two years before this Bentley was built, McGregor was pulled over in a different car. Then, he got charged with over-speeding and had to pay a fine of around $440. So, clearly, it isn’t just a matter of the car he’s driving!

Overall, his history with the law regarding speeding isn’t all that bad. There are plenty of celebrities who have had far worse accidents or run-ins with police regarding road rules. Many celebrities have fines for speeding or basic traffic violations. However, a handful of celebrities have caused severe crashes that cost themselves or other people their lives. Ultimately, this makes speeding seem pretty minor.