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Recently J.D. Power released the results of their 2022 APEAL Study. This study examines the car buying habits of consumers. It has vehicle owners rank every aspect of their vehicle from their favorite aspect to the least favorite aspect of their car. These 10 categories found in the APEAL Study cover everything from driving comfort to exterior design, and even fuel economy and driver safety.

The results of the APEAL Study for this vehicle are surprising. After all, the new Mitsibushi Outlander is making quite a splash in the SUV market due to its low price, radically different styling, and surprising value. Yet according to the study, there was one aspect of the SUV that consumers did not enjoy; fuel economy. Here is everything you need to know about the Outlander and the worst part of ownership, according to owners.

A white 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV compact crossover SUV model parked on a grassy hill.
2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV | Mitsubishi Motors

The Mitsubishi Outlander struggles to keep up in fuel economy

Fuel economy has been a major factor when picking a vehicle ever since the ’70s. Whether or not a car owner has the money to spend on a gas guzzler, everyone would prefer to get better fuel efficiency out of their daily driver.

Don’t get confused, the Outlander has incredible fuel efficiency when driven correctly. The combination of a gas and hybrid electric drivetrain means this SUV can reach fuel economy ratings of around 64 mpg combined. These numbers can only be achieved through careful driving.

Many consumers will immediately employ the Outlander’s fully electric driving mode, which can drive around 38 miles using zero gasoline. Once this battery is fully depleted, the Outlander only gets around 26 mpg combined out of its gasoline engine. For a vehicle that is so impressive as a hybrid, it is unfortunate that the gasoline engine is so inefficient once the battery is depleted.

Is it still worth owning?

It is true, initial opinions from the J.D. Power study were negative. However, the Outlander is shaping up to be a diamond in the rough of Mitsubishi’s lineup. The Outlander has a bold exterior style and design that grows on you, and the interior is filled with luxurious soft-touch fabrics and driver assistance technology.

With the base Outlander starting at just $27,895, it is hard to deny that this SUV is a solid addition to the Mitsubishi lineup.


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