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Winnebago Industries has been building recreational vehicles since 1966. It started out selling the vehicles at a significantly lower price than its competitors. Winnebago offers several levels of different models, ranging from $95,000 camper vans all the way up to $387,295 motorhomes. These RVs are the pinnacle of mobile decadence at every level, from big leather couches and fireplaces to basic vans with full bathrooms. However, these RVs aren’t without their own set of problems, just like any other vehicle. 

Brakes and steering: 2004 Winnebago Sightseer

winnebago sightseer in rv lot
Winnebago Sightseer | Getty Images

The 2004 model year was particularly troublesome for the Sightseer, with 2006 raking in 10 recalls. Owners complain of engine failure and brake pistons seizing, while others report problems with the suspension and leaking differentials. Thankfully they recalled the brakes, as well as some steering components on the Workhorse chassis. 

Solar panels and fire extinguishers: various 2018 models

rvs in a lot in carson california
Winnebagos in a lot in Carson California | Ann Johansson/Getty Images

Several Winnebago RVs suffered from various individual ailments, but a few models got all of them. The Fuse, Journey, Travato, Adventurer, Era, Intent, Forza, and Revel all had at least three recalls against them. Most of them had to do with the fire extinguisher becoming clogged, others had detaching roof racks. Some RVs didn’t have their solar charging port fused, while others had improperly secured battery and hydraulic lines, according to the NHTSA.

Wrong axle: Micro Minnie

winnebago micro minnie at campground
Winnebago Micro Minnie at Campground | Winnebago

Though not a camper van or motorhome, Winnebago recalled the 2019-2020 model year Micro Minnies for having the wrong axle. Micro Minnies also had no emergency exit window installed in the bedroom, making it difficult for occupants to escape the trailer during an emergency. 

Winnebago not out of the woods for 2021

Winnebago sightseer in an RV lot in Carson california
Winnebago Sightseer in an RV Lot in Carson, California | Ann Johansson/Getty Images

There were recalls announced of the Winnebago 2021 Revel, Vista, and Adventure RVs for a defective power bed. The gears inside the bed’s motor can fail, causing the bed to prematurely extend without safely secured, falling on unsuspecting passengers. Winnebago dealers agreed to replace the motor for free.

Parts missing, electrical gremlins, and general discomfort

motorhomes at a lot in carson california
Winnebago Motorhomes in Carson, California | Ann Johansson/Getty Images

Winnebago RV Growth During COVID-19 Lockdown

Complaints on 2021 models are still rolling in. Owners report led light failure with 2017 Era, warped components, jammed sewer tank, and kinked plumbing with their Hike RV, and missing parts including panels and screen doors. Others report poor quality control, with bed frames disintegrating and interior materials that don’t hold up to cooking liquids. Unfortunately, Winnebago’s customer service seems a bit slow on the uptake. Customers needing to fix various problems with their $100,000 (at least) purchases aren’t having an easy time rectifying the defects.

Winnebago has made RVs for decades. While they do offer a variety of sizes and versatility, some of their products may not be worth the price. Even with all of the recalls, 2018 appears to be the best year for these RVs. The problems weren’t detrimental, and thankfully they were also recalled. Whichever RV is being considered, have it inspected and make sure it’s solid. Apparently dealing with Winnebago customer service can be a difficult task.