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Routine car maintenance is one of the most important things that an owner can do for their car. It can keep your car in good shape and running for longer. Usually, routine maintenance will involve fixing something small or refilling liquids, but that’s not all. Here’s a look at seven of the most common forms of vehicle maintenance

1. Oil change and oil filter

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According to Wheeling Auto Center, the most common type of vehicle maintenance is, unsurprisingly, oil changes and oil filter replacements. Oil changes are such a common type of vehicle maintenance that many folks know how to do it themselves.

The frequency of oil changes can vary depending on the car and the automaker’s recommendation, and they may range from every 3,000-miles to every 15,000-miles. Some may recommend you change your oil every few months, and many will recommend changing your oil filters at the same time.

2. Windshield wipers and fluid

Another common form of vehicle maintenance is simply making sure the car’s wipers are working and has the fluids to do its job. Just like with oil changes, cars can go through a lot of washer fluid, and drivers may have to get a refill every few months or so. Making sure your car’s wipers and washer fluids are in working order can be vital, especially for folks who live in rainy places. 

3. Air and cabin filter replacement

Making sure your car’s air filters are in working order can be essential for maintaining your quality of life. That’s because an old air filter can cause your cabin to smell weird. Just like with other common types of vehicle maintenance, air filters will likely need to be replaced somewhat often. Many folks will replace their air filters after one year or a couple of thousand miles of use. 

4. Tire replacement and wheel balance and rotation

Changing tires is another one of those maintenance tasks so common that many people do them themselves. But as Wheeling Auto Center wrote, a wheel balance and rotation is also a common maintenance task. It’ll help keep your tires rolling before you eventually have to replace them entirely. 

5. Battery replacement

Battery replacements, which should not be confused with EV battery replacements, are another relatively common form of vehicle maintenance. Just like with the battery in a phone, the battery in a car will eventually get old and start malfunctioning. Replacing a car battery can be relatively cheap and easy. Additionally, while this is a common type of maintenance, most drivers probably can depend on their battery for a few years before replacing it.

6. Brake repair

Brakes are a critical part of any car, so unsurprisingly, many drivers will want to ensure that their brakes are in working condition. Several parts related to brakes will need to be maintained and typically have different service intervals. Brake pads, for example, generally last about 20,000 miles, while rotors can last even longer, and sometimes they’ll last up to 70,000 miles. 

7. Coolant system services

Lastly, according to Wheeling Auto Center, another common form of vehicle maintenance is related to the car’s coolant system. This is an important system in the car, and it has a few moving parts as well. As a result, it’s not surprising that technicians will check the car’s coolant system to make sure that it’s in good shape.


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