Common Driving Mistakes That Cops Look Out For During the Holidays

The holidays are great for spending time with your loved ones, however, getting to your loved ones can be a pain. With holiday sales and other gatherings going on in your town, the streets are likely to be riddled with other commuters trying to get to their destinations, which means that the police are looking out for anyone driving erratically or suspiciously. Here are some common mistakes that cops are most likely looking out for during the holidays.

Cutting through the corner gas station

Are you in a hurry to get to your relative’s house and don’t have time to make that legal right turn at the traffic light? In that case, you have probably thought about cutting through that convenient gas station on the right and then making a right turn out of it, effectively dodging the line to get through the traffic light.

According to Reader’s Digest, that convenient traffic-light skipping move is illegal in a lot of states including Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and West Virginia. Apparently, most commuters that cut through gas stations like that drive at a high speed, which is unsafe for other cars in the station and is a nuisance to the gas station owners.

An RV tows a Jeep and outdoors gear while filling up its gas tank
KINGMAN AZ – APRIL 4: A recreational vehicle stops for gas and is fully prepared for a road trip with an RV, Jeep, Kayak and bicycles April 4 2019, Kingman, Arizona (Photo by Paul Harris/Getty Images)

Your car is too loud

While a lot of current cars on the market are pretty loud from the factory, cops are still likely to pull you over if your car is really loud. If anything, they likely are on the lookout for older cars with aftermarket exhaust systems or really loud stereo systems. These two things can easily bring you wanted attention from the law, especially during the holidays.

2020 Roush Ford F-150 exhaust
Shockingly great sounding exhausts | Roush Performance

Broken taillights

We recommend always check your taillights every so often to make sure that none of the bulbs are burnt out and are in need of replacement. While this might seem like a trivial reason to pull you over, having even one non-working taillight can be a beacon for you to get pulled over in a heartbeat.

A photo of a 2017 Ford Explorer Outdoors.
Ford Explorer | Ford

Making a right on a red light

While it’s perfectly legal in most states to make a “right on red,” there are some states that have signs that read “No Turn on Red.” These states include New York, Virginia, North Carolina Nebraska, Minnesota, and California. So in case you’re driving to a different state during the holidays and are unfamiliar with that particular sign, just remember to check for it as failing to do so could get you a ticket.

Traffic Light
Traffic Light | Scott Olson/Getty Images

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Lastly, the most obvious and most common mistake among drivers at any time, let alone the holidays, is driving too fast. We all know that you need to get to your grandma’s house in time for that delicious turkey dinner, but going faster than the speed limit could actually make it take longer for you to get there. That’s mainly because you’re more likely to get pulled over this time of year and will waste time as the cop writes you a ticket. The worst part is, you’ll end up spending a good amount of your holiday spending cash on a speeding ticket as opposed to gifts for your loved ones.