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The rich and famous often have incredibly expensive tastes. But sometimes their purchases line up with each other, and their celebrity cars start to look a bit similar. Just as everyone looking for a reliable budget car is pushed toward a Toyota Camry, celebrities are drawn to many of the same luxury vehicles for many of the same reasons. These are some of the most common celebrity cars, and the reasons they keep buying them.

A red 2021 Tesla Model S driving down a road.
2021 Tesla Model S | Tesla

The Tesla Model S is refined, luxurious, and good for the planet

Celebrities like to show that they care about the world, like that time they sang Imagine at the start of Covid, even though they’ll never have to “image” losing their job. Regardless, everyone and their mother knows that the world is shifting toward electric cars. Celebrities want to make that switch too, though there’s no reason they can’t splurge.

The Tesla Model S starts at $89,990, chump change in terms of celebrity car purchases. And the dual-motor long-range package boasts 640 horsepower and 405 miles of range. However, for $129,990, one can opt for the Tesla Model S Plaid. That bumps the horsepower to 1020, and the 0-60 time of under 2 seconds (on a prepared track).

And for an additional $10,000 on top of whichever package they choose, the Model S can have the full self-driving package. This allows autopilot to navigate highway entrances and exits, allows the car to park itself, enables it to be summoned, and will even be able to navigate stop signs and traffic lights. Though, self-driving technologies are still very finicky, considering Tesla’s AutoPilot system is still manlunctioning.

Regardless, celebrities love a strong image and show they’re in touch with the real world. But there are also plenty of people who want to show they have a lot of money, and there’s only one celebrity car for the job.

The Rolls Royce Phantom is the pinnacle of celebrity luxury

The new Rolls-Royce Phantom Tempus is inspired by time
The Rolls-Royce Phantom Tempus | Rolls-Royce

There’s a reason Rolls Royce doesn’t air any television ads: everyone knows what they sell. And most people are well aware they can’t afford the high society cars hand-built by engineers in Goodwood England. While you can configure a Rolls Royce to your exact specifications, models start at $455,000. And for that kind of money, you can customize the car exactly as you wish.

The coach line pinstripes can be adjusted in length and color, there is an assortment of wheels available, and the interior can be as public, or as private as you wish. You can install a minifridge between the two rear seats and footrests that rise from the floor. In other words, celebrities can have it their way so long as they have the coin (which, chances are, they do).

And the Rolls Royce Phantom in particular has an air of superiority over its counterparts. You don’t buy one for the power, even though you know it’s packing heat (563 horsepower from a 6.8L V12). Because, according to the automaker, it’s the quietest car in Rolls Royce history, with the only noise around being the ticking of your incredibly expensive watch.

But how about something a little bit in between? Something that screams money without costing as much as a Rolls Royce Phantom, yet has a loud presence? That title goes to the celebrity car of celebrity cars: the Mercedes G-Wagon.

The Mercedes G-Wagon is the luxurious celebrity car of choice

Mercedes G-Wagon
Mercedes Benz G-Wagon | Mercedes

This big, boxy beast pays no mind to the foibles of gas mileage or aerodynamics. It’s the perfect choice for celebrities who want to show off their unique style. It’s a flex, even though it starts at just $131,750 (which, compared to the Rolls, makes it look like a Civic).

And while the price is lower, the power is higher, at 577 horsepower from the handcrafted 4.0L turbocharged V8. Sure, it gets 13 miles per gallon, but everyone will understand the person behind the wheel is loaded. With comfort features for the front and back passengers, included heated seats and multimedia screens, it’s ideal for everyone inside the cabin.

And while you’d never use them, the Mercedes G-Wagon is quite capable offroad. With three lockable differentials and adjustable suspension, it could tackle the trails. But the car looks so clean, and it’s too busy letting everyone know that, which you could go offroading and be tough, you never will. In other words, it’s flashy and refined, making the “I’m rich and big, look at me” statement, without actually costing all that much.

Perhaps I look at these cars with a slight bias, or maybe even jealousy. I do love writing about cars, though I’d much prefer reasonable vehicles I might be able to afford someday over celebrity cars that’ll rarely be driven. After all, cars are statements, and celebrities love to make statements.


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