Comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix Car Show Coming to an End

When Jerry Seinfeld’s comedy television show, appropriately called Seinfeld, ended in 1998, many wondered what he would do next. As a stand-up comedian, many figured he would go on to do other television shows, get into movies, or continue to do stand up tours. Well, somewhere along the way of doing all of that, he also created a car show that first aired on the web in 2012. He has been making that show ever since, although now it is under Netflix’s banner. But the show’s future is about to change.

Jay Leno's Garage with Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno | Jesse Grant/CNBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The show

The premise of the car show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee“, is pretty simple. Seinfeld, an avid automotive enthusiast, will highlight a vehicle, typically an older one, then call up a friend he wants to meet up with. He’ll then show up at the person’s house, at which point it is revealed which celebrity it is that will join him for coffee, muffins, or anything else they desire. Then, they ride the vehicle together on the way to the restaurant to enjoy their meal. 

The concept of the car show sounds dry. But, it is a format that has worked well for Seinfeld. He gets the opportunity to showcase a car, as well as meet up with celebrity friends to chat about life. He is also able to show the celebrities in a more “normal person” type of persona. The show’s format has worked so well, in fact, that the show has continued for over 80 episodes.

The cars and the stars

Each episode of the show has showcased a different classic car. Here’s a partial list.

  • Cadillac El Dorado, 1958
  • VW Double Cab Pickup Bus, 1962
  • Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray, 1963
  • Studebaker Avanti, 1964
  • Porsche 356 SC Cabriolet, 1966
  • Mazda Cosmo, 1967
  • Lamborghini Miura P400S, 1969
  • Plymouth Superbird, 1970
  • AMC Pacer, 1976
  • And many more

The friends that have joined Seinfeld on the shows have included stars from the show, Seinfeld, as well as Don Rickles, Ricky Gervais, Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, Chris Rock, David Letterman, Seth Meyers, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, and even former President Barack Obama.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee - New York Event
Jerry Seinfeld attends Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – New York Event at Classic Car Club Manhattan on June 25, 2018 in New York City | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Netflix

The future of the car show

In an interview reported on by Variety, Seinfeld was asked about the future of his car show. Stunningly, the Brooklyn born, New York native cast doubt on its future. He said, “We haven’t planned anything with that show. I feel like we’ve done that tour.” To be fair, that does not mean the show is over. But, the likelihood seems strong since no planning has been done. 

Jerry Seinfeld is a well known Porsche-phile. He has a large collection of them. So, it has been enjoyable to watch him branch out to describe vintage vehicles from other manufacturers. It has proven that he has genuine respect for the automotive industry as a whole, not just one brand. His ability to explain the significance of the vehicles and still have chatty fun with his friends at the same time has proven endearing to not just his followers, but also to the automotive community. As a result, he has been able to have 84 episodes of the show produced and to win multiple Emmy awards as well. The show’s end means that it will be missed.