Come Catch COVID-19 At MAGA Cruise On Woodward Ave!

The Oakland Republican Party in Michigan is promoting an August 15 MAGA Cruise. It replaces the Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise which was canceled due to COVID-19. We’re not endorsing it so much as reporting on something we can’t believe is happening. The organizers of the yearly celebration of cars and cruising canceled the event due to feedback from communities the cruise runs through. Residents’ concerns were related to COVID-19 and the 40,000 cars and over one million people that annually crowd the area. 

The Woodward Dream Cruise board took the residents’ concerns to heart and respectfully canceled the event for 2020. With food trucks, porta-potties, and souvenir stands a potential source for transmission of the disease it was the right call. 

“We’re concerned about social distancing and being considerate enough to wear face masks”

General view of the 2014 Woodward Dream Cruise | Getty

From the Detroit Free Press: “Our concern is the public who wants to come out and watch the cruisers who cruise. We’re concerned about social distancing and being considerate enough to wear face masks,” said Michael Lary, director of special events for the city of Ferndale and president of Woodward Dream Cruise Inc.

“I think the message here, it’s not just about the Woodward Dream Cruise,” Lary said. “Since this pandemic began, unfortunately, many events have been canceled because of the concerns of COVID-19. The nine communities that comprise the Woodward Dream Cruise route, the leadership, they have a responsibility to the public, to their constituents, to the people who live in those communities.”

Not taking into consideration their concerns, the MAGA Cruise throws caution to the wind. The organizers say they’re the Oakland County Republican Party but a quick click over to their website calendar lists nothing about this event. However, their Facebook page beckons one and all. “MAGA Classic Car Cruise,” it says. 

“Bring lawn chairs and watch along Woodward Ave”

The Woodward Dream Cruise is the largest one-day auto event in the world and draws more than a million and a half visitors and approximately 30,000 classic cars. | Getty

“Support our President and Back the Blue-decorate your cars to support the President and or the Police! Sat. August 15th, 12-4 PM. Stop by Oakland Co. Republican Party Headquarters to pick up your free Trump lawn sign! Sign the Unlock Michigan petition! Bring lawn chairs and watch along Woodward Ave! Cruise Woodward Ave. from Square Lake Road to 8 Mile and back!!”

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has banned outdoor gatherings of 100 or more people. That has not been lifted for this event. Being in the open in a car should pose limited risks, but you’ll note they are encouraging spectators to line up and watch. From Florida beaches to Georgian frat parties and the MAGA Tulsa event, gatherings like this spread COVID-19. It’s not rocket science. 

Whitmer received major pushback when she instituted COVID-19 restrictions. Now, Michigan is one of the examples of deaths and transmissions going down. It’s been credited to Whitmer yet it seems some still don’t get it. 

Don’t end up dying like Herman Cain

More than a million and a half car enthusiasts line a 16 mile stretch of Woodward Avenue between Detroit and Pontiac, Michigan to watch approximately 30,000 classic and antique cars cruise by. | Getty

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If you are participating stay in your car. If you’re spectating try to do it through the windshield of your own car. Sort of like watching a drive-in movie. If you have to do it on the sidewalk with lawn chairs, wear masks, and keep six-feet apart. Don’t end up dying like Herman Cain. 

He was a Republican Presidential candidate in 2016 before dropping out. Herman attended the Tulsa MAGA rally June 20, tweeting about not wearing a mask and loving it. He died a couple of weeks ago from contracting COVID-19 at the rally. 

The car exhaust or warm Naugahyde of your Galaxie won’t protect you from COVID-19 should you become infected by another spectator. Be safe and think twice about flinging your fate to the wind.