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In the wise words of Phoebe Buffay from Friends, “They don’t know that we know that they know.” Phoebe probably was not referring to Ford knowing that the public knows about the Ford Bronco Raptor leaking, but it’s OK. What information did the system give the world about the new Bronco Raptor? Plenty to keep potential buyers interested.

Will there be a 2021 Ford Bronco Raptor?

Is this the Ford Bronco Raptor?
The Ford Bronco Raptor leaked | TFLoffroad Via YouTube

The worst-kept best secret has finally spilled! The Ford Bronco Raptor showed up in Ford’s online ordering system. However, it won’t be for the 2021 Ford Bronco at this time. Jalopnik first reported that user monkeysdad on the Bronco6G forum found some Raptor information in the online database.

The system showed two different trim levels labeled as Raptor 373A and 374A. It seems likely the 374A package would be a higher-end trim. A final third trim, 922A, appears to be four-door and called the Everglades.

Three new colors appeared in the system: Eruption Green, Hot Pepper Red, and Code Orange. Code Orange is the color shown a lot in the advertising. A color called Desert Sand appears to be an option only for the Everglades Raptor. Some trim levels offer adaptive cruise control, a heated steering wheel, and other upgrades like wireless charging.

No Bronco Warthog, only Ford Bronco Raptor

There was a lot of buzz surrounding both the possible Warthog Bronco, but it seems that perhaps the Ford Bronco Raptor was the Warthog all along. Jalopnik suggests that maybe the Raptor name already had too much notoriety within the community, and Ford decided to go that route.

The Bronco Raptor is rumored to have the Ford Explorer ST’s 400 hp EcoBoost V6 engine, but Ford has not confirmed yet. Other sources suggest it could have the engine from an F-150. Ford has not confirmed one way or another, though it does appear all of the Bronco Raptor options are four-door.

There is also the potential for an electric Ford Bronco at some point when Ford expands the electric lineup.

It’s still going to be a while before this SUV is produced

A combination of reasons has the Ford Bronco hitting the streets much slower than anticipated. The Bronco has been delayed due to coronavirus (COVID-19) supply chain issues, plus problems with actually building the SUV. Production no more than started before it came to a screeching halt. Ford closed the factory down for a few weeks in July and ended up closing down the reservations.

Some Ford Bronco fans have not been thrilled with the slow rollout of the legendary vehicle. However, no automaker has been immune to the issues plaguing the industry. Even if Ford planned the Bronco Raptor to be a 2021 vehicle, there’s no way it will hit the dealership lots by the end of the year. A 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor seems feasible.

No matter when it comes out, it appears there really is a Ford Bronco Raptor hitting the market. Even if it is the worst kept secret from Ford since the announcement of the new Bronco, at least it keeps things interesting.


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