Close Look: The 2022 Nissan Frontier Has 1 Surprising Strong Point

It’s been a little over two months since the 2022 Nissan Frontier broke cover, boasting its completely re-designed exterior. As you might imagine, it isn’t easy to judge an all-new design until you’ve seen it in person. Thankfully, I’ve gotten a close look at Nissan’s new midsize truck, and I’m here to tell you what it’s like before you see it this summer.

Before we dive in, it is worth noting that I haven’t gotten a chance to get behind the wheel. Additionally, the model I got a chance to experience was a pre-production top Pro-4X model.

Is the 2022 Nissan Frontier a good-looking truck?

An image of a 2022 Nissan Frontier parked outdoors.
2022 Nissan Frontier | Nissan

Upon first impressions, the 2022 Nissan Frontier certainly has the bones of a good truck. Under its hood lies a naturally-aspirated 3.8-liver V6 pushing out 310 hp and 281 lb-ft. For context, this is more than you get out of a Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, or Chevy Colorado. Additionally, you still have a body-on-frame design and a top off-roading trim with Bilstein shocks and an electronic locking differential.

However, let’s focus on how it looks because photos certainly don’t do the 2022 Nissan Frontier justice. For starters, its front end looks almost like a mini-Titan with its pronounced rectangular grille. One thing you won’t find here is the brand’s standard V-motion grille. In this case, this is a plus since the Frontier boasts a more muscular aesthetic.

The same goes for its fenders which flare considerably from the rest of the body. In-person, this gives the truck a wider stance. Additionally, you now get sharp LED headlights and taillights. These elements are a considerable upgrade over the current 2021 model, which carries most of its aesthetic cues from the early 2000s.

Overall, I was genuinely impressed with the presence this new truck carries. My personal highlight was that this new boxy design seems to pay tribute to the brand’s older hardbody trucks.

Its interior is a surprising strong point

An image of a 2022 Nissan Frontier parked outdoors.
2022 Nissan Frontier | Nissan

While the 2022 Nissan Frontier’s photos don’t do it justice, the real crime here was committed against the interior. That’s because the official press photos feature a cloth interior that didn’t initially stick out to me. However, now I got my hands on the full leather interior, and I’m truly impressed.

Despite being a pre-production model, all of the stitching and leather quality was excellent, massively improved over the current model. You even get hexagonal stitching on the center of the seats to give them a classy edge.

Upon sitting on the seats themselves, I was greeted with a comfortable embrace. It’s not that they’re squishy by any means, but they seem to strike a good balance between comfort and support.

You can now get either an eight or nine-inch screen in terms of tech, depending on the trim level. However, you get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. There’s even a small digital display between the analog gauges.

While there is still plenty of plastic throughout, one main benefit of this top trim is that most of the contact points you interact with feature leather. While this might seem like a small detail, it makes the Frontier seem more upscale.

When will the 2022 Nissan Frontier go on sale?

An image of a 2022 Nissan Frontier parked outdoors.
2022 Nissan Frontier | Nissan

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It seems neither you nor I will have to wait very long to get behind the wheel of this new truck. That’s because the new 2022 Nissan Frontier is supposed to arrive at dealerships this summer. While I have no clue how much this truck will cost, if it drives half as well as it looks, it could be a serious contender in its segment.