‘Clever’ Subaru Outback Scores a Spot in Consumer Reports’ Top 10 of 2021

The Subaru Outback is popular for many reasons. For instance, it offers standard all-wheel drive, great comfort, and plenty of passenger and cargo space. That makes it a favorite for daily commutes and weekend road trips alike. A wagon with excellent ground clearance and great capabilities, the Outback is also more than a match for most small and midsize SUVs.

In fact, the 2021 Subaru Outback secured a spot in Consumer Reports‘ “10 Top Picks of 2021: Best Cars of the Year.” Here’s what else makes this Subie a winner.

Consumer Reports’ top 10 cars of 2021

Consumer Reports reviewers compile an annual list of the 10 best cars of the year. With more than 250 new vehicles hitting the market each year, how do they narrow it down to the top 10? The CR team anonymously buys test cars and puts thousands of miles on each to see how they perform in everyday driving situations. Meanwhile, they evaluate each model based on consumer needs, such as comfort, fuel efficiency, and safety.

The 10 vehicles that earned spots on this year’s list did so through outstanding performance in over 50 evaluations at the CR Auto Test Center. They also earned good marks for both owner satisfaction and reliability from CR member surveys. They also earned high scores in all NHTSA and IIHS safety assessments and key CR safety tests, such as accident avoidance maneuvers.

Each vehicle on the list also boasts a high overall score from Consumer Reports that places it at the top of its segment. Plus, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, and forward-collision warning are required. That’s because these features save lives and prevent injuries in auto accidents.

Best SUV/Wagon of 2021: The Subaru Outback

Part wagon and part crossover SUV, the 2021 Subaru Outback is a class act. It offers an attractive balance between a car’s driving experience and an SUV’s functionality and safety. As a result, the Outback appeals to a wide variety of consumers, from families to adventurers.

The cabin boasts a functional, comfortable, according to Consumer Reports. There’s plenty of room for passengers and their cargo. It also offers what CR calls “clever” features, such as a roof rack for use on trips that can be tucked away when you don’t need it.

The Outback’s ride is among the best, with a suspension that absorbs road blows so that you and your passengers don’t have to. And that excellent ground clearance pairs with standard AWD for navigating various terrains.

What’s new for the 2021 Subaru Outback?

There’s more to the latest Subaru Outback than its drivetrain, cargo space, and rugged good looks. 

Subaru redesigned the Outback in 2020, Car and Driver reports. And for 2021, three key changes make this vehicle even better. They’re adaptive headlights, a passenger seatbelt warning system with audible and visual cues, and a rear-seat reminder. And they all come standard across the lineup.

It also offers a choice of two four-cylinder engines, one a 2.4-liter turbo for a more spirited drive. The Outback doesn’t offer big thrills, but for a comfortable, serene ride, it would be hard to do better. It’s the perfect vehicle for families, road trips, daily commutes, and more.

Overall, the 2021 Subaru Outback provides safety, comfort, and an adventurous vibe, earning it a coveted spot on Consumer Reports’ annual list of the best vehicles.

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