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The classic cars of the 1970s are some of the most fun cars to discuss. These cars come from a time before computer automation, widespread use of automatic transmissions, and boosted engines. Whether you look back at cars from European automakers, discuss a few American versions, or have a few favorites from Japanese brands that you love to discuss. The nostalgia, classic features, and fun characteristics make for amazing discussions.

Luxury coupe classic in the Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce

Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce one of the best classic cars of the 1970s.
Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce | Shutterstock

A gorgeous European model: the GT Veloce is a sporty coupe that we saw on the track. This is one of the most highly recognized classic cars of the decade with its distinct front grill design. Hi Consumption tells us this car can still call for a $40,000 price at a modern auction. The GT Veloce was produced from 1971 to 1976, and it used a 2.0-liter engine.

The BMW 2002 Turbo is one of the classic cars that brought turbocharging to the mix

BMW 2002 Turbo the original M Car
BMW 2002 Turbo | Shutterstock

Going away from the traditional build of the time, the 2002 Turbo from BMW offered high-performance driving, and it was often at the front of dirt track racing. This is the classic M Motorsport car with the colors that we see as part of the M badging today. This car, produced from 1973 to 1975, used a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine for power.

Volkswagen offered the Golf as a practical performer

1977 Volkswagen Golf one of the most influential classic cars of the 1970s
1977 Volkswagen Golf | Wiki Commons

Going away from the track to cars from the 1970s that shaped the automotive world, we see the VW Golf. The Beetle is the most iconic VW in history, but the Golf came to the market as a useful, practical, and value-oriented car. We still see the Golf in various forms today, giving us a small and active car to drive.

A car for every season is the Range Rover

1970 Range Rover an iconic car of the 1970s
1970 Range Rover | Wiki Commons

Gear Patrol shows us the Range Rover as one of the most influential and interesting classic cars of the 1970s. This SUV offered impressive off-road capabilities, timeless design elements, and it was a fashionable luxury ride. The Land Rover Range Rover has been a well-heeled SUV for fun and adventure since it arrived in 1970.

We must include the Porsche 917

The Porsche 917 is one of the most successful race cars from Porsche in the 1970s.
Porsche 917 | Wiki Commons

Road and Track won’t allow us to forget about the Porsche 917, and we wouldn’t want to. This classic racing machine dominated Le Mans in the early 1970s, giving way to variants that followed. This was one of the most successful sports cars from Porsche, and it continues to be a great car to talk about today.

The Dodge Challenger brings what we want in classic cars

1970 Dodge Challenger a classic muscle car from the '70s.
1970 Dodge Challenger | Wiki Commons

The debut of the Dodge Challenger happened in 1970, offering us one of the coolest muscle cars ever built. This car wasn’t as overpowered as the models we have today, but it certainly inspired the look and style of the modern muscle car.

Do you remember the AMC Hornet?

One of the coolest classic cars of the 1970s is the 1975 AMC Hornet
1975 AMC Hornet | Wiki Commons

MotorTrend takes us in yet another direction when discussing the classic cars of the 1970s. One car that we often forget about but shouldn’t is the AMC Hornet. This car offered funky styling in a small sedan build that seemed useful and right for the time. Unfortunately, the AMC brand didn’t last, and the Hornet never got to prove its value.

The Oldsmobile Omega is one of the most interesting classic cars

1977 Oldsmobile Omega a popular car from the decade
1977 Oldsmobile Omega | Wiki Commons

Even in the 1970s, GM built vehicles that shared platforms with only changes to the features offered. The Oldsmobile Omega was different enough from the Chevrolet Nova, its platform-mate, to be an excellent option for consumers of the time.

Ford gave us the Mustang Boss 302 for fun and performance

Among classic cars, this 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 is one of the best.
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 | Wiki Commons

The Trans Am series is where the Ford Mustang Boss 302 found a home. This was one of the best cars to drive on the track when taking the corners. Other cars were faster in the straight areas of the track, but those drivers with this Mustang took the corners and often the checkered flag.

The Chevrolet Chevelle SS is one of the best classic cars ever made

Powerful and seriously cool, this 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS is one of the best classic cars of the 1970s.
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS | Wiki Commons

Motor 1 doesn’t allow us to forget about the Chevelle. This car offered a smaller version of the muscle cars of the 1970s, giving us an interesting feeling on the road. The regular Chevelle used a six-cylinder engine, but the SS model put a 454 big-block V8 at your fingertips to be one of the most potent drag strip cars in America.

Which one of these classic cars do you admire the most? Do you have another car from the 1970s that you love to talk about around the dinner table?


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