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Few things hit the spot like a classic BMW M car. Though the E30 M3 reigns king of the original M power cars and fetches some wildly outlandish auction prices, it isn’t the only classic M car that can pull some crazy numbers. The M5 and M6 have also been around for quite some time. Now, pristine examples of these classics are fetching some pretty hefty numbers at auction. In that case, it’ll be interesting to see what this gorgeous example brings.

Classic 1987 BMW M6 is picture perfect

Red 1987 BMW M6 classic vintage collectors auction on cars and bids
1987 BMW M6 | Cars and Bids

Recently listed on Cars and Bids, this gorgeous 1987 BMW M6 is beyond stunning. The M6 was the top-of-the-line model for the E24 “Sharknose” generation 6-Series that spans from 1976 to 1989 model years. You’ll be hard-pressed to find one in better condition than this beauty, too.

This M6 wears a virtually flawless finish coat of Cinnabar Red with a complimenting (and frightening for neat freaks) Lotus White leather interior. This color combination is something that really just stands out as a perfect icon of the 1980s. Additionally, as if frozen in time, this M6 looks as if it rolled out of the factory yesterday.

Additionally, this beauty has averaged less than 2,000 miles throughout its 35 years of life. So, the current grand total mileage comes to 69,100. That certainly helps explain the remarkable condition.

Classic BMW M6 Lotus White Leather Interior for auction on Cars and Bids
Lotus White leather upholstery | Cars and Bids

Under the hood of the E24 M6 is BMW’s S38 inline six-cylinder engine that, when new, was good for 256 horsepower and 243 pound-feet of torque. That’s impressive even by today’s standards. However, this M6 is likely pushing a bit more than that, as it has a Dinan performance chip.

Best of all, though, is that it’s pumping that power through a five-speed manual transmission and delivering it solely to the rear wheels.

There’s a handful of other upgrades done to this classic BMW, too. It has Bilstein suspension, a Dinan camshaft gear, a SuperSprint exhaust system, European Market exhaust headers, stainless steel brake lines, and a short-shift kit. It also sits on a set of E34 M5 wheels and has brakes from an E31 BMW 8-Series.

How much is this BMW M6 worth?

E24 BMW M6 Sharknose S38 Inline Six Engine
S38 BMW M6 engine | Cars and Bids

As usual, modifications can make it a tough call when it comes to car valuation.

Currently, Hagerty lists the value of a “good condition” example at $47,000. However, one Cars and Bids commenter is sure that this car will far surpass that value and reach nearer to the $80,000 mark. Only time will tell!

There are a couple of flaws, as one might expect. Even a near-perfect car will have something to point out when it’s 35 years old. The listing states that the front air dam is a bit warped on the driver’s side, and the front has stone chips. Additionally, there are some scuffs and scrapes on the rear spoiler and some creases and wear on the leather upholstery.

So, while it may not be a 100% flawless museum piece, it’s pretty dang close. This is certainly going to catch the eye of a classic BMW collector. It’s certainly worth keeping an eye on to see what kind of hammer price this piece of M power history pulls in!


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