Chrysler Pacifica Wins Good Housekeeping Award

Mention a minivan, and many people roll their eyes. But the truth is that minivans are great people-haulers. In many cases, they even achieve better fuel efficiency when compared to popular SUVs. So, they can move the family and do well at the gas pump. It is not a surprise then the minivans often get evaluated against each other. 

Chrysler shows off the the 2021 Pacifica at the Chicago Auto Show
The 2020 Chrysler Pacifica | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Manufacturers and designers have seen the need to keep the minivans around. With that in mind, they have thrown everything they can think of that would help keep the family safe and comfortable. Different suites of safety systems and convenience features abound in these vehicles, with everything from blind-spot monitoring to vacuum cleaners.

The award

Since minivans are a popular pick amongst families, Good Housekeeping recently did an evaluation of them. This morning they announced the 2020 Best New Minivan is the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica. This adds to Pacifica’s long list of accolades already received and marks the third consecutive year that the Pacifica has won a category from the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Mom uses vacuum provided in Pacifica
Stow’N Vac is available in the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid | FCA

Pacifica’s features

The Chrysler Pacifica was highlighted for having several features that helped them in their category win. The hybrid powertrain is the first in the minivan category, allowing longer rides without the interruption of pulling into a gas station. It was noted that the hybrid model can attain up to 80 mpge. Another feature is the availability of all-wheel drive. This certainly goes a long way to keep the family safe in inclement weather conditions. The Pacifica also has Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking (PAEB). 

A new trim level was added to the Pacifica line-up for 2021. The top-of-the-line trim called the Pacifica Pinnacle offers an upgraded interior. The press release describes it as, 

“the most luxurious interior in its class, with one of Pacifica’s two new available integrated consoles designed to seamlessly flow into the instrument panel. Caramel Nappa leather seats are embellished with quilted seat side bolsters and perforated seat inserts and seatbacks on all three rows. A unique set of two fully movable lumbar comfort pillows for the second-row captain’s chairs match the quilted style and Caramel color of the leather seats and provide an additional dash of classy comfort and style for passengers.”

It’s not all about the family, though. The Pacifica also makes sure that the driver is taken care of. A 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system takes center stage as the command center for the vehicle. This is larger than the previous infotainment screen it replaces. The entire system itself has seen an uptick in processing speed as well to make sure that commands on the screen can function seamlessly.

A new fresh face

For 2021 the Pacifica has also been mildly updated. The front end boasts a new look. The grill and headlights have all been updated to reflect, “a more athletic look and feel”.

The Good Housekeeping Institute’s award is certainly a big win. Competitors such as Toyota’s Sienna, Honda’s Odyssey, and Kia’s Sedona have all gotten better with time. But, they summed up their decision with

“It’s the ultimate pick if you have a large family and tons of gear. With all the useful features you want, from a flexible interior to top-quality infotainment, it offers unbeatable value.”

The base price for the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica begins at $34,045.

Rear cabin with folded seat
Stow’n Go Seating offers more space when needed in the Chrysler Pacifica | FCA

Hauling people, or the gear for people, is easy with a minivan. All minivans will be able to do that. But this award not only approves of Pacifica’s ability to do that, but it also signifies that the Pacifica can do it well, in such a way that safety and comfort for all occupants are addressed. That is why the Pacifica rose to the top in the evaluation of the minivan category.