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The Chrysler Pacifica is pretty much one of the best vehicles out there. And, yes. I did mean to say vehicles and not just minivans or “family cars.” It’s awesome––I’ve driven every version and fallen in love in turn. 

a blue Chrysler Pacifica minivan on display at an indoor auto show
Chrysler Pacifica | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

While minivans have been oppressed under their proverbial anti-cool stigma, the Chrysler Pacifica has been converting minivan aversion. In fact, all of the minivans the market offers keep getting better and better. So what gives? 

People swear off the minivan, only to turn to them when it all comes full circle

I can think of countless people in my life swearing they’d never have a minivan. Then, somewhere down the road they shed their ego and realize that minivans just make sense. Besides––cool people don’t really care whether or not people think they are cool anyway, right? 

By all accounts buying a minivan makes sense not only for families. It’s probably a great choice for loads of couples and even single people out there that want a ton of bang for their buck. The Chrysler Pacifica, in particular, offers something for everyone. 

Need all-wheel drive for your trip up the mountain to hit the slopes? Check. Want to save the planet (and gas money) by opting for a hybrid powertrain? The 2021 Pacifica offers two hybrid options, including a plug-in. 

Even Ezra Dyer bought one

Earlier this year, Car and Driver’s Ezra Dyer bought a 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Red S Edition. After a family trip in a loaner Pacifica, he and his wife, Heather, decided that a minivan needed to be their next automotive purchase. And it seems they couldn’t be happier with the choice.

“Because the minivan, I’ve come to realize, represents the epitome of mainstream luxury.”   

Ezra Dyer | Car and Driver

Somewhere along the way, Dyer had subconsciously sworn off the minivan. Always finding some reason to avoid them. But what’s really wrong with sliding doors? 

In fact, during their trip in the Chrysler Pacifica Limited AWD, Dyer realized that the last time he’d tested a vehicle with sliding doors it was in a Rolls Royce Cullinan that cost half of a million dollars. Really, the minivan gets such a bad reputation. But now the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica is literally converting minivan aversion. Even for car people like Ezra Dyer.

“Somehow minivans got branded as automotive sweatpants, a signifier of giving up on your cool younger self and growing dowdy and lame. But it’s really the opposite.”

Ezra Dyer | Car and Driver

Is the Chrysler Pacifica actually cool? 

2021 Chrysler Pacifica parked
2021 Chrysler Pacifica | Stellantis

Let’s face it. Minivans aren’t the drab family wagons that people once believed them to be. They signify a certain practicality and an air of not giving a you-know-what. The Chrysler Pacifica is converting minivan aversion. But is it cool? 

To some, minivans will never be cool. But to those of us that have crossed over into minivan heaven, they are the coolest car around. It would take a lot to get me out of a minivan. A lot. Cheers, Ezra.


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