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We all want to enjoy a calm and serene cabin during our time on the road, but passengers with autism have more trouble than most becoming calm and relaxed. Although the 2023 Chrysler Pacifica offers a full package of comfort features, the new Calm Cabin Package helps those with autism feel more relaxed inside this Chrysler minivan.

How did Chrysler develop the Pacifica’s Calm Cabin Package?

Chrysler Pacifica Calm Cabin Package Unveiled at New York International Auto Show - The soft-touch pillow and weighted blanket are shown
Chrysler Pacifica Calm Cabin Package Unveiled at New York International Auto Show | Chrysler

Chrysler partnered with the Autism Society of America to create an initiative to support passengers with autism to feel more relaxed during a drive. People with autism are much more sensitive to possible stimuli when out on the road. Whether it’s honking horns, bumps in the road, strange smells, or the engine’s vibration, these things can create challenges for people with sensory disorders.

Cars can be extremely stressful for passengers with autism

Crying Baby in a Car Seat - Car Rides can be stressful for kids
Crying Baby in a Car Seat | Creative Commons

Children not afflicted with autism can have enough trouble riding in a vehicle, especially on long road trips. Families with autistic members require additional items to ensure a vehicle ride is not a complete emotional meltdown. Riding in a vehicle can be overstimulating and uncomfortable for passengers with autism; regardless of the length of the ride.

April is the right month to release this new package in the Chrysler minivan

Red Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Posed on Gravel
Chrysler Pacifica Minivan | Chrysler

April is Autism Acceptance Month. This makes unveiling this new Calm Cabin Package at the New York International Auto Show a bit deal. In addition to showcasing this new package, Newsweek tells us Chrysler provides a one-year loan of three 2023 Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle minivans o the Autism Society. This gives them three great vehicles to use in their continued efforts.

“At Chrysler, we believe it’s no longer enough to be ‘aware’ of the millions of people living and thriving with autism, we must put acceptance into action.” – Chris Feuell, Chrysler brand chief executive officer

What does the new Chrysler Pacifica Calm Cabin Package include?

The various items made to help a passenger with autism remain calm and relaxed are:

  • Seat-back organizer with adjustable straps, five front pockets, a clear interior pocket that can hold a tablet computer, and a black mesh pocket
  • Rechargeable, cordless Bluetooth meditative light and sound therapy machine that fits in the center pocket of the seat-back organizer. This machine has five LED color modes, four light therapy modes, a breathing coach, and 15 sound therapy modes.
  • Comforting, soft-touch seat belt sleeve
  • Comforting, soft-touch travel pillow
  • Comforting, seven-layer, 12-pound weighted blanket

If you’re considering the 2023 Chrysler Pacifica and this package, you can purchase each item individually, allowing you to have what you need and forgo items you don’t.

When will this new package become available in Chrysler minivans?

The new Calm Cabin Package will be available from Chrysler’s online store in the latter part of the spring of this year. This new package could provide the necessary items to help families have more relaxed, enjoyable drives together.

This new package and the loan of three Pacifica minivans are a great way for Chrysler to support the Autism Society of America.


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