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Like many automakers, Chrysler will soon expand its lineup with electric vehicles. One of those models is a fully electric minivan, which, until now, didn’t have a name. However, a report from MotorTrend indicates that even in EV form, Chrysler’s minivan will remain the Pacifica. Additionally, the rear sliding door isn’t going anywhere.

The Chrysler Pacifica electric minivan

2 2022 Chrysler Pacifica minivans. The name will be used for an electric minivan coming soon.
Two 2022 Chrysler Pacifica minivans parked side by side | Chrysler

Chrysler is going all-electric from 2025 to 2028. During that time, one of the models to join the lineup will be an electric minivan. Until now, we didn’t know what the model would be named. However, new information indicates that the Pacifica nameplate will continue to headline the Chrysler lineup.

“Since we reinvented and established the minivan category 40 years ago, we will keep it. Our aspiration is not to just tweak the existing Pacifica and put a battery pack in it. We created the segment. We want to recreate the segment with a new offering that is more modern, certainly electrified, and gives those customers the best combination of interior comfort and versatility as well as the connected technology to make their riding and driving experience best in class,” Christine Feuell, Chrysler Brand CEO told MotorTrend.

Additionally, she told the publication that one key minivan feature would never leave: the sliding rear door.

Electric minivans will still use sliding rear doors

A 2022 Chrysler minivan, the electric minivan will use the Pacifica name and have sliding rear doors.
2022 Chrysler Pacifica | Chrysler

One of the highlights of buying a minivan has always been sliding rear doors. They’re convenient for getting things in and out of the rear, even for adults climbing into the back seat. Moreover, installing and removing car seats is much easier with all that added space. There are plenty of SUVs with hinged doors available for those who prefer them, but minivan buyers expect sliding rear doors.

“I don’t see sliding doors going away,” Feuell said. “We are rethinking frunk ingenuity and what can we do with that space to optimize both storage and functionality,” she added. “Our intention is to make it a useful, functional space people can use. The frunk becomes this secure, lockable storage area where you can put your valuables. We are looking at temperature-control options if people want to store food or groceries while shopping around,” she continued.

In short, Chrysler plans not only to bring back the same Pacifica name but make the model even better. With added storage space where an engine would go in a gas-powered vehicle, the electric minivan will be able to achieve more. There’s no telling what one of the leading minivan automakers can do with all that room.

The Pacifica name is a minivan staple

According to MT, Feuell says, “the Pacifica name carries a lot of value,” and she’s correct. When people think of the Chrysler Pacifica, they think of one of the best minivans available. Along with the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna, it’s one of the only minivans still being sold today. More importantly, it’s taken massive strides in recent years to provide excellent fuel economy, tons of great features, and an overall great value for families. Minivans are the perfect non-SUV option with plenty of passenger and storage space inside.

Chrysler saw a five percent increase in sales during the 2021 calendar year. Families recognized the value of a minivan in its strengths, like carrying people on cargo on long road trips. The Pacifica plug-in hybrid has gained significant attention thanks to high gas prices. A younger, tech-savvy buyer will become even more interested in a fully-electric version.

When Chrysler goes electric, so will the Pacifica minivan

The spacious interior of the 2022 Chrysler Pacifica. An electric minivan will carry over the same name.
2022 Chrysler Pacifica roomy interior | Chrysler

In conclusion, Chrysler will be completely electric in just a few short years. Moreover, one of its most popular models is the Pacifica minivan. Unofficially, the brand CEO told MotorTrend that there would be an electric minivan that carries on the Pacifica name. We don’t know much about it but expect the design to share similarities with the Airflow concept. A sleek, modern look for a gas-free passenger hauler seems like the perfect option for growing families.


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