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A battery jump starter may not seem necessary, but a battery can die for many reasons. Even if your battery is new, it can malfunction and leave you stranded. A battery starter can help jump-start your car to get you moving again. This could be especially helpful if you’re in the middle of nowhere or a dangerous area. However, you don’t want to waste money on a sub-par battery starter. Here are five factors Geek recommends you consider before purchasing a new battery starter.

Durability matters

A person that hopefully will choose the best jump starter, jump starting their car.
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Like most things in life, battery starters are not all built the same. The level of quality will not be the same from brand to brand. Purchasing a battery starter that will last will help you use your money wisely.

Most people assume that buying a heavy battery starter means it will last longer. A few years ago, that would doubtless be true, but technology has come a long way since then. While you shouldn’t avoid heavy battery starters, most light to medium-weight starters will work fine in most cases.

Choosing a reliable battery starter is crucial

Why waste money on something that isn’t going to work? Buying reliable tools typically means spending more money upfront, but less money in the long-run. So how do you know it’s going to work? While you can go by the specifications listed by the manufacturer, customer reviews will often paint a more reliable tale. Taking a few minutes to read through some reviews will give you more information on if you’re spending your funds wisely.

Extra features are always a plus

When buying something, getting more than just one feature is always nice, and this is especially true for battery starters. You aren’t going to use it that much, so why not purchase one with additional features that you can use for other things?

Some battery starters add in radios, flashlights, and USB chargers. These are not only items you need in emergency situations, but you can also use them daily.

Having the right amount of power makes a difference

If you purchase a battery starter that doesn’t offer much power, you could end up with a partially charged battery, which will leave you stranded again. On the other hand, too much power could cause your battery explode.

This could make for a nightmare as you try to figure out how much power you need, but a quick look at your owner’s manual or a search online should make it clear just how much power you require when purchasing a battery starter.

Safety is the number one feature you should look for


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We left the most crucial factor for last. In this case, that’s safety. According to Geek, “Most people think battery jump starters are not used for high voltage, which makes them safe. However, instead of high-voltage equipment, they deal with high ampere currents, which can leave your physical and mental health damaged.”

Two features you need to be on the lookout for when purchasing a new battery starter is making sure it comes protects against excessive voltage. 

Once you’ve had it for a while, check the wires to ensure the coating isn’t coming off. As frustrating as it might be, if the wires are showing, it may be time for a new battery starter. It’s better to be safe than have an avoidable accident.