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If you’ve been paying attention to the automotive industry, you’re aware of the ongoing chip shortage that is wreaking havoc on car production and distribution. Even if you don’t follow all the latest car news, it’s hard to not know about the delays that have been making it near impossible to find a new – or even a used – car, truck, or SUV. Car manufacturers have been pulling vehicles from their lots and cars having off the release of new models. The 2022 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon are among those impacted. Yet so far, the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado and 2023 GMC Canyon remain unaffected. How long can this last?

Four GMC pickup trucks parked in front of mountains.
GMC Canyons | GMC

There have been recent manufacturing disruptions in GM’s plants

Most car manufacturers have been dealing with the supply chain problems, and General Motors is not immune. They’ve had to stop production of They had to stop production of the Colorado and Canyon at the GM Wentzville plant in Missouri in September 6th to September 27th. They’re back up and running, but there’s no indication that the microchip shortages will end anytime soon. 

Even with GM’s massive investment into their Missouri plant – they put $1 billion into it just for midsize pickups – it’s dealing with the shortages and delays that are impacting vehicles everywhere. According to GM Authority, the GMC Canyon, which is usually ranked second among pickup trucks, has dropped to fifth due to the chip crisis. 

What is GM doing to try to combat the shortages?

One of the things that GM is doing to try to combat the shortages is to change the way they’re manufacturing their vehicles. In the case of the Canyon and Colorado, GM has been retrofitting the pickups with microchips after the trucks have been made, rather than the other way around. While it may not be the way they typically do things, with levels of the Canyon falling to a never-before seen low, it makes sense that GM would do whatever they can to try to mitigate their losses. 

Other things that GM is doing include getting rid of features like fuel management systems and engine stop-start. How long those cuts will last remains to be seen. It’s entirely possible that as soon as the chip shortage ends, that GM will be able to start putting these features back into their vehicles.

What’s happening with the 2023 GMC Canyon and 2023 Chevy Colorado?


GM Is Headed to Space…Again

Right now GM’s ability to produce the 2023 GMC Canyon and 2023 Chevrolet Colorado has not been impacted. Now, this could change, and there are different scenarios where that does change. For example, GM Authority notes that if GM has a ton of leftover parts for the 2022 Canyons and Colorados, then they might continue to make those for a longer period of time.

If production is not delayed, we’ll have slightly new trucks to look forward to. This includes a new interior and exterior, as well as new engines, borrowed from the Silverado. The two best-selling trucks will also have updated safety technology and be able to complete over-the-air updates, which a lot of car manufacturers are moving toward these days.

If you think you’ll be in the market for a new pickup and are considering either the 2023 GMC Canyon or 2023 Chevy Colorado, there’s no reason to panic yet. As of now, both trucks are on target to make it to production and for sale on time. Yet there’s no guarantee that this will work out, so stay up-to-date on production targets and changes, that way you’ll be in a position to make the best decision possible.