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RV builder Chinook once cut up a new 2004 Hummer to make what it called a Chinook Baja H2 Special Edition. Better known as the “Chummer,” it’s a Class B Hummer motorhome. Actually, it’s a 2004 one-ton four-wheel-drive GM chassis cab with a Hummer tilt front end blended into it. That means it is hiding a big-block 6.0-liter V8 under all of that Hummer. 

The “Baja” part of the equation starts with the lifted suspension. A Warn winch landed onto the front bumper, and a series of off-road lights festoon the roof. There is also an emergency kit in case the Chummer gets stuck going too far off the grid. The aluminum wheels are 19.5-inch big-rig items, and the period graphics you’ll either love or hate.  

The “Chummer” H2 Hummer is a one-off Chinook creation from 2005

Chummer Chinook H2 Hummer
Chummer Chinook H2 Hummer | Yakima Herald

Inside, it is almost too luxurious for off-roading. Everything is covered in leather. The sofa folds up with the touch of a button. Cherry wood trim abounds. Of course, there is a fully functional kitchen with standard-size appliances and a wet bath. 

A 4000-watt generator keeps things humming in the middle of nowhere. It features heated holding tanks. A large screen TV can provide some entertainment while cleaning up the interior with its central vacuum system.  

The Chummer was built for the 2005 Louisville RV show according to Motor1. A Chinook dealer in Minnesota sold it within hours of receiving it for $197,000. The current owner is a good friend of former Chinook owner Gary Lukehart. He remembered the Chummer and recently began a search to find it, but that wasn’t easy.

The Chummer is like new with only 14,000 miles

H2 Hummer SUV
The Chummer started out as this H2 Hummer SUV | GM

Through some sleuthing in Minnesota, he eventually found a relative of the original owner. That original owner still had it, with only 7,000 miles of travel after 15 years of ownership. The original plastic protection on the carpet for the Louisville show was still there. Everything is like new inside and out. 

Currently, with 14,000 miles on it, the owner doubled what it had with the original owner. He’s had his fun with the Chummer and is thinking about selling it. What it might be for sale at is still being determined. Though now 17 years old, it still might fetch what was its original selling price. After all, how many Hummer four-wheel-drive motorhomes could be out there?

Chinook says this is the only one it made. It says that only 25 four-wheel-drive Baja RVs, based on Ford chassis-cabs, were ever built. So, if you want a Chinook 4×4 RV, your choices are a bit limited.


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