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The Tesla Semi has been the talk of the town in terms of electric semi-trucks. But Chinese electric car manufacturer Geely just took a shot for the Tesla Semi with their new Homtruck. With production set for 2024, the Geely Homtruck does a few things the Tesla Semi can’t compete with. With even more technology, could this electric semi-truck outpace Tesla?

The futuristic features of the Geely Homtruck electric semi

With a Marvel-Esque cinematic trailer, it’s hard not to get excited about this new electric truck. But on top of a clever design, with an aerodynamic cab and trailer, the Geely Homtruck packs impressive features.

For starters, the Homtruck integrates sustainable materials, such as bamboo, with the truck’s interior to create an even more sustainable environment. But beyond aesthetics, the Homtruck also has systems in place to make the driver’s life even easier. One of which is autonomous driving. The Tesla Semi is planned to have this feature as well, but because neither truck has been fully released yet, it’s tricky to know which system will be better.

The Homtruck is also capable of talking to other Homtrucks, which is another feature most Telsa vehicles can achieve. However, one thing the Homtruck can do that the Semi can’t is link with operations and delivery companies. One key aspect of trucking is to take new jobs as you go, especially if you’re an owner-operator. With the Homtruck, you can grab new jobs right from the truck, and just keep on rolling.

There’s also a digital AI assistant. And while that may be the SkyNet for semi-trucks, it’s geared toward making the driver’s life easier when controlling little things. The radio, air conditioning, and so forth.

But my favorite piece of kit on the truck by far has to be the electric batteries, which can be charged or swapped.

The Geely Homtruck features battery swap technologies

Geely Homtruck electric semi truckGeely Homtruck electric semi truckGeely Homtruck electric semi truck
Geely Homtruck electric semi-truck | Geely

Other Chinese automakers like Nio integrated battery swap technology with their cars. And truth be told, I think that’s a trend America should’ve followed as well. After all, swappable batteries literally double the amount of electric range a vehicle can get. And while one battery is driving the car, the other can be driving it.

The Geely Homtruck will feature this battery swap technology on the electric model. On top of that, there will be three trims available: the aforementioned all-electric, as well as a methanol range extender, making it a hybrid semi-truck. While hybrid semi-trucks make logical sense, considering they save gas, the Homtruck would be the first of its kind.

All this technology is big talk from a company that’s never set foot in America (other than Volvo). But this electric semi-truck won’t just live in the west. Geely intends on bringing the truck to the states.

The Geely electric truck plans on coming to the states

Geely Homtruck electric semi truck with trailer
Geely Homtruck electric semi-truck with trailer | Geely

When production begins in 2024, chances are the Homtruck will be imported to America a year or so after its initial release. But unless Geely pulls all the stops to make sure battery swapping technology is available in America, it won’t be able to compete with the Tesla Semi. After all, if production of the Tesla Semi begins in 2022, that’ll give the American brand a three-year head start.

What sets the Geely Homtruck apart is that battery swap technology, an infrastructure we simply don’t have in America. If Geely builds one, then the Homtruck will become incredibly lucrative in comparison to the Tesla Semi. After all, even though the Tesla Semi can allegedly charge 80% of its battery in 30 minutes, 30 minutes is still a long time to be sitting, especially for a trucker. Time is money, and battery swaps for electric vehicles are faster.

How the Geely will fair in America is yet to be determined, and we’re far from even seeing the electric truck even built. But the electric revolution is beginning, and the world is getting in on the action.


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