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America always innovated and pushed technology forward. Especially when it comes to transportation. Today, it is China doing the transportation innovation, as with its latest maglev train development. Capable of speeds of 372 mph, travelers will speed from Beijing to Shanghai in 2 ½ hours. America needs this.

The new China maglev train hits speeds of over 370 mph

China maglev train
An aerial photo was taken on July 20, 2021, shows China’s new maglev transportation system in Qingdao, east China’s Shandong Province. | Li Ziheng/Xinhua via Getty Images

That’s over 700 miles. The distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco is 380 miles. China’s new maglev could get passengers from LA to San Fran in a hair over one hour. If traveling by car that is a six-hour drive. So this gives you just a taste of how advanced travel is in China, and what we could have in the US were it not for the current malaise. 

The new maglev is made in Qingdao. It’s still in the construction stages and is not expected to hit the tracks until later in this decade. It floats on an electro-magnetic force-there is no contact with the rail. The train literally floats according to Reuters.

Japan is also developing maglev trains for high-speed public transportation

China maglev train
A visitor experiences for herself inside a cabinet of China’s new high-speed maglev train in Qingdao, east China’s Shandong Province, July 20, 2021 | Li Ziheng/Xinhua via Getty Images

China’s current fleet of bullet trains would take four to five hours to make that Beijing to Shanghai trip. Japan is also developing fast bullet trains. Japan’s travelers see 250 mph trips between cities throughout congested Japan.

The closest the US sees in similar transportation is the new train tracks in Florida. Soon, Floridians and tourists can go from West Palm Beach to Orlando International Airport traveling at 125 mph. “When people see what it’s all about,” said Andy Kunz, president of the U.S. High-Speed Rail Association to Reuters, “you’ll see people clamoring for this.”

Americans want an alternative to the car

China maglev train
China’s 600 km/h high-speed maglev transportation system makes its debut on July 20, 2021, in Qingdao, Shandong Province of China | Zhang Jingang/VCG via Getty Images)

While MotorBiscuit mostly focuses on cars and trucks, not everyone in the US prefers that mode of transportation. Especially on the east coast, trains are a popular option. And they provide an alternative that in some instances works better for travelers than a car. Or truck. 

In San Francisco, the Bay Area Rapid Transit, or as it is called “BART” is extremely popular. Especially traveling into the city, it beats congestion that seems to exist 24/7. The same is true in Manhattan. 

Many cities need high-speed mass-transit

China maglev train
A view of a new high-speed maglev train, designed for a top speed of 600 km per hour, during its rolling-off ceremony in Qingdao in east China’s Shandong province Tuesday, July 20, 2021 | Feature China/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

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Driving in Manhattan is not for the timid. And there is no scheduling around the congestion that may or may not appear out of nowhere. Maglev or high-speed trains are something we need in many cities. 

As automakers are in the middle of a revolution in electric transportation, the US needs a revolution in mass transit.