Child-Friendly Movies To Get Your Whole Family Into Cars

When it comes to entertaining car movies, adults have a lot of options, including almost 10 in just on the franchise: the Fast and Furious. While as adults we can enjoy the crazy and reckless driving, the less-than-clad women and some of the language and references mean it’s not a movie that you’re likely to turn on for the whole family. While these may be the first car movies that come to mind, there are actually a lot of family-friendly car movies out there, and they are a great way to introduce your children to cars.

Right on Track

My favorite thing about this movie is that it’s all about female empowerment in the world of motorsports and drag racing – something you might not realize is really lacking. Right on Track is a Disney movie based on the true story of two sisters, Courtney and Erica Enders, who compete in junior-level drag racing. For being released in 2003, the movie has some great messages for young girls and shows that they can participate in motorsports just like all of the boys can.

Herbie: Fully Loaded

Another great Disney classic that seems to be forgotten by most people, and it’s also a darn good car movie for any age. Herbie: Fully Loaded stars Lindsey Lohan as a young female racecar driver. The movie gives us cameos from famous Nascar drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr, Tony Stewart, and Jimmie Johnson and has just enough action to keep you from getting bored after all Disney always seems to find a way to keep the parents entertained. This movie isn’t all serious though, because the sporty little Beetle named Herbie has a mind of its own and nurtures Maggie’s passion for racing along the way.

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 23: Toy Story inspired Cars characters on display during the 2019 D23 Expo at Anaheim Convention Center on August 23, 2019 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Angela Papuga/Getty Images)


Of course, I couldn’t leave out the most popular car movie for children, appropriately named Cars. Yes, you’ve probably seen this movie so many times you could make a live-action version from memory if the need arose, but the movie is still worth mentioning. The anthropomorphic racecar, Lightning McQueen is a striking and unique lead character, and the movie is appropriate for younger kids as well as older ones.


Okay, so this isn’t really a car movie, per se, but it still falls into the realm of motorsports. Motorcrossed was another underrated Disney movie – I’m starting to see a theme here. The movie features competitive motocross racer, Andrew, as he prepares for a championship race to earn a big corporate sponsorship. When he breaks his leg in an accident, it seems like all hopes are lost. What’s a good Disney movie if there isn’t some type of sibling rivalry-turned-bond? His sister Andrea steps up to take Andrew’s place, pretending to be him, which of course turns out to be a little bit more challenging than they planned.