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Two Chicago Blackhawks players had their cars stolen from a restaurant valet last month, according to People. The exact place where the two were dining is unknown, but it is a short distance from the United Center, where the team plays its home games. An investigation is underway, but the two NHL players are without their vehicles for now. Both drive expensive models, but one was newer than the other.

Which Chicago Blackhawks players’ cars were stolen?

Chicago Blackhawks player Connor Murphy, who had his Porsche Panamera car stolen from a restaurant recently
Connor Murphy of the Chicago Blackhawks | Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Caleb Jones and Connor Murphy of the Blackhawks were eating at a restaurant close to the United Center. They left their cars with the valet and didn’t think about it again. Allegedly, around 8 PM local time on December 29, thieves stole their keys from the valet. The valet worker claimed he was confronted by two men who showed a handgun, then demanded the employee open the lockbox where the keys were.

The thieves got away with both Murphy and Jones’ vehicles, according to People. There’s no evidence to show that the thieves were targeting the NHL players’ vehicles specifically. Although since they’re well-paid athletes, expensive cars go hand-in-hand.

What models did the thieves steal from the Blackhawks players?

A 2017 Porsche Panamera, which was a car stolen from Chicago Blackhawks players recently
2017 Porsche Panamera | Gerlach Delissen – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Connor Murphy drove a 2017 Porsche Panamera, which ranges from $88,000 to six figures. Caleb Jones drives a brand new 2021 Jeep Trackhawk, which is similarly priced, starting at around $90,000. Police located the Trackhawk abandoned in Pilsen about an hour after the incident. Around the same time that night, police used a license plate reader to find the Porsche Panamera, which was on the back of a tow truck in Bronzeville. People did not share the condition of the cars when they were found. Often, the goal of car thieves is to dismantle and sell the parts of vehicles. However, in this case, the models are so expensive that they likely didn’t want to harm anything, which is good news for the two players who just wanted their cars back. Chicago Blackhawks players’ cars were stolen, but they’re just the high-profile victims, there are other thefts happening.

Recent car thefts in the Chicago area

According to People, police have warned the city’s 9th district multiple times about ongoing vehicular hijackings and other car-related crimes since December 21, 2021. Additionally, a community alert issued on January 4 told of five incidents taking place. These happened between December 29 and January 3, and one happened around the same time on the same day thieves stole the Blackhawks cars.

During most of the incidents, “armed offenders” were involved. Whether it was to steal a vehicle, something inside, or another car-related crime, they’re highly dangerous individuals.

Chicago Blackhawks players’ cars stolen

Caleb Jones of the Chicago Blackhawks recently had his car stolen from a restaurant valet in Chicago
Caleb Jones of the Chicago Blackhawks | Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

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Caleb Jones is the younger brother of Seth Jones, a defenseman who is also currently with the Chicago Blackhawks. He came to his brother’s team in July 2021 when Chicago traded for him from the Edmonton Oilers. Connor Murphy joined the Blackhawks in 2017 after playing with the Arizona Coyotes for a few seasons.

Both players are currently on the Chicago Blackhawks starting roster. Thankfully, police are on high alert in the area since there have been so many car thefts. Hopefully in the future people like these players won’t have to worry about stolen cars in the area.