Chevy Tahoe Drivers Complain About These Problems The Most

On the surface, the Chevy Tahoe seems like the perfect SUV. Everyone wishes they had around $50k to enjoy one of these bad boys. However, don’t let the high price tag and idea of luxury fool you. There are some pretty concerning Chevy Tahoe complaints. 

Popular Chevy Tahoe Issues 

A/C Issues 

The Chevy Tahoe has a reputation for having its air conditioning fail. Many drivers experience a lack of cold air very early on in ownership. One driver of a 2015 Chevy Tahoe had his A/C fail before he hit 50,000 miles. 

On top of this issue, it can be difficult and expensive to fix. This issue often goes beyond a simple recharge. You may have to replace the compressor or condenser. 

Also, after some drivers paid around $1k to fix their A/C, the problem wasn’t solved for good. After another 50k to 100k miles, their A/C stopped working again. 

A Cracked Dash 

Some Chevrolet Tahoe owners have experienced issues with the dashboard cracking. This is more common in areas where the vehicles are parked in the hot sun because the cheaper plastic materials crack under heat. 

While a crack in the dashboard isn’t that much of an inconvenience, it’s annoying. Cracks will reduce the resell value. 

Plus, if the dashboard cracks in an area that exposes wires, it could cause damage to them. Then you’ll have a much more expensive repair on your hands. 

Failing ABS Sensors 

One prevalent issue with the Chevy Tahoe includes a failing anti-lock braking system (ABS) front wheel sensor. 

As the sensor fails, you may be stuck with the ABS light being continuously illuminated. It may also erratically blink on and off. Plus, your passengers may awkwardly alert you to this issue once they notice the blinking light. 

Burning Oil 

As your Chevy Tahoe gains more mileage, you may notice that it continually needs more and more oil to be added. Some drivers find themselves adding as much as one to three quarts of oil between oil changes. 

Some people have discovered that oil leaks around the pistons and rings and have to have them replaced. However, other people can’t seem to find a leak at all. 

If you experience this issue, be sure always to have oil on hand to add some before your Tahoe starts to overheat. 

Transmission Issues 

Even newer Tahoe models, like the 2018 and 2019 ones, are experiencing transmission issues. The transmission is loud, clunky, and has difficulty changing gears. 

Also, this problem occurs very early on. People with only 1,500 miles on their Chevy Tahoes have had to take them back to the dealership to be replaced entirely. 

You will be able to tell when your Tahoe has transmission issues if it starts producing loud clunks, a grinding noise, or if it rocks forward when you place it in park.

Loss Of Steering 

Another issue with brand new Chevy Tahoes includes problems with the power steering. The steering may lock up for as long as five minutes, or you could be randomly hit with a loss of control. 

One driver had their power steering lock up while traveling at 30 mph, and another driver lost control of their steering at 70 mph. Both of these incidents could have led to significant wrecks.