Chevy Silverado Narrowly Escapes Falling Off Cliff Thanks to Off-Road Recovery Crew

Getting stuck is just part of off-roading. If you’re doing it right, you’ll eventually bite off a little more than your truck can chew. It’s usually no big deal; you either winch yourself out or have a buddy come by and yank you free with their Jeep or something. However, those solutions are all assuming you’re not about to fall off the edge of a cliff. Well, for this Chevy Silverado 1500, that was precisely the case, and the recovery required a little more than a buddy with some rope. 

This bone-stock Chevy Silverado had a bad time on the trail

The Drive reports that in 2019 a stock, half-ton Chevy Silverado took to a trail on Boulder Mountain somewhere between Colorado and Utah, that it had no business going on. Typically when that sort of thing happens, a truck might just get bogged down in mud deeper than the driver was anticipating or maybe get stuck at the bottom of a hill too steep for the off-roader to climb. This is not that kind of thing, though. 

A very stuck Chevy Silverado stuck on the side of a cliff
Chevy Silverado very stuck | Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

This truck ran a trail at 11,000 elevations and ended sliding off the trail and got so stuck it was in very real danger of being lost forever. The trail followed the side of a cliff with a very loose surface, and the video and photos suggest that the Chevy driver likely dropped a wheel and the loose surface got the best of the truck, and the thing slides down the side of the mountain toward the cliff. It was here, in between some trees, that the Silverado sat for six months teetering on the edge of a cliff. 

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery to the rescue

In some of the world’s wilder places where off-roading is much more popular and high-stakes, like Utah and Colorado, there is an entire industry built around getting 4x4s unstuck from tricky quagmires. 

In this particular case, the Chevy Silverado had been yanked on by four different off-road towing companies in the area, and all were unable to save the lonesome Chevy from its seemingly inevitable demise. Finally, the fellas at Matt’s Off-Road Recovery got the call and came to the rescue. 


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Matt and company had to trek two hours into the wilderness to even get to the very stuck Silverado. This is not your average tow service. These guys had to bring extra fuel, extra food, and camping gear if the job went into the second day. 

This Chevy Got stuck so deep out there that even the pros had multiple bouts of truck issues and bad luck. The fellas forgot to tighten down a rear shock bracket, and the thing came loose. The journey to the troubled Silverado was not easy, and they hadn’t even gotten to the real work yet. 

Time to get the Chevy Silverado unstuck

Once the team finally gets to the needy Chevy, they quickly hatch a plan that is as complex as the truck is stuck. The boys start throwing around snatch blocks, various trees as anchor points, and winches a-plenty. 

The process to get things set up was complicated and slow, but the moment everything was in place and ready to go, the Silverado popped out and back up the cliff quickly and efficiently. 

Once the truck was out and safe, the owner was so over it that he basically ended up selling the Silverado to one of the guys on the recovery crew. I imagine this tow job cost a decent pile of cash, and the owner needed to break even.