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It is one of the great mysteries of GM. The corporation works in weird ways sometimes. There is demand for single cab short bed Silverado pickups, and Chevy makes them. But not in the US. No one can figure out why? However, that may be changing soon. Reports say the 2022 refreshed Silverado lineup will include a short bed single cab truck.

Is there a catch to snag a single cab short bed Silverado?

2019 Chevy short bed single cab
2019 Chevy short bed single cab Silverado | GM

If there is a downside to this news, it is that those same GM Authority reports say it will only be available as a base model in WT trim. So these will be strippers and won’t benefit from the redesigned LT and up interiors and other premium trim and bits. Sold in other countries like the Middle East, they are available mostly in WT trim. But you can also special order them with more premium features, too. 

Those 2022 Silverados in LT and better trim will benefit from larger 13.4- and 12.3-inch screens. Thankfully, the 5.3-liter V8 should be available in these short trucks, along with the base turbo four-cylinder. At this time we’re not sure about the inline-six diesel. 

You can’t buy or order a single cab short bed Silverado in 2021

2019 Chevy short bed single cab
2019 Chevy short bed single cab Silverado | GM

To be clear, you can buy a single cab 2021 Silverado from Chevy. But it only comes with the eight-foot bed. The only way a short bed is available is with the crew cab. And you can’t special order the single cab short bed combo. It ain’t gonna happen. 

Single cab short bed trucks have been a staple of aftermarket components and upgrades for decades. That includes both lowered trucks and raised 4×4 flavors. So it would be a welcome addition by the aftermarket. 

Buy one and then buy the LT and up trim you want

2019 Chevy short bed single cab
2019 Chevy short bed single cab Silverado | GM

With that in mind, we would imagine those buyers wanting a more premium pickup could retrofit the higher Silverado trim both inside and out. Especially the higher-level chrome front ends will become available for almost all 2022 Silverados. So boneyard hunting might be a more economical choice than buying components new from your local Chevy dealership. 

So for those lamenting not being able to get your favorite single shorty, you will need to step up once these become available. Show Chevy there are still many who prefer those single shorties in the US. For decades it was the only way you could get a pickup. There were times when there were no double and extended cab trucks. 

Surely there must have been that cool dude prowling around town with a shiny lowered, black Cheyenne Super. He’s a grandpa now, but we’ll bet he still longs for being able to order a brand new single shorty for old time’s sake. Now you can be the cool dude in town. 


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