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Once again, production at the Bowling Green Corvette plant in Kentucky has been stopped until mid-September. Because there has been a pattern of stoppages for the C8 Corvette every year of its production, Chevy knows it has to reorganize how it makes its flagship. Demand has outstripped production, especially for the Z06. Since 2020, later orders have spilled over to the following year. Now Chevy has a plan, but many may not like it.

How does Chevy determine 2023 Corvette Z06 production?

2023 Corvette Z06 | GM

Interest in the Z06 version of the Corvette is intense. We already knew that there would be far more buyers than cars available. Now, based on a chart that recently popped up on GM Authority, it appears that only 10 percent of 2023 Corvette production will be Z06. 

Of those, only three percent will get the Z07 aero package. That is the big wing T0G/T0F option for the Z06. But, there’s a hitch in Chevy’s plan.

What will Corvette Z06 production be?

2023 Corvette
2023 Corvette Z06 | GM

If Bowling Green can keep up with 2023 projections, production of Z06 C8s will be around 315. But if there are shutdowns, as there are right now, that number will decrease. So all Z06 production hinges on 2023 production numbers. And that build-out is seeing many restrictions. 

First, Chevy has placed a “plant restriction” on Bowling Green. Nobody seems to know exactly what that is. However, Corvette production won’t be based on traditional models. 

The Average Day Supply model for dealer allocations is mostly how production is determined. That means how many days a vehicle sits on a dealer lot until it is sold. “Historic Sales Volume” is the metric for Corvette production. That is based on Corvette production from 2020 to 2022. 

How does Chevy break down all 2023 Corvette production?

2023 Corvette
2023 Corvette Z06 | GM

How all of this fleshes out is that Chevy is breaking down C8 models to certain percentage groups. They are Stingray Z51 models with Magnetic Ride Control, Stingray Z51 models without MagRide, base C8 Stingray, base Z06, and Z06 with aero.  

Allocations break down to 60 percent of production will be Z51 Stingray, and 40 percent without. Then 60 percent of those with Z51 will be equipped with MagRide. And 10 percent will have the Z06 option, with only three percent of those getting the Z07 aero package. Chevy indicates that MagRide and Z51 breakdowns are a result of supplier issues. But we believe that is also true for the aero package. 

Can any of this change?

Now, all of this can, and hopefully, will change as production moves forward. If there are no hiccups in the supply chain, as Chevy is anticipating, then those numbers will rise. In some cases, as with engines, Chevy has been stockpiling assembled engines. And we also know that the MagRide restrictions are based on microchip shortages and not manufacturing issues. 

Again, this is a fluid situation. But as of now, 2023 Corvettes in general will be in very short supply. And an accepted 2023 Z06 order is worth a bundle. Especially if Bowling Green can’t produce more than 300+ Z06 Corvettes. 

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