Chevy Has a Handy Quiz to Help You Find the Perfect Crossover SUV

Chevy is one of the top SUV automakers, and the brand often dominates best-of lists. Its crossover SUVs are particularly popular, with the Traverse taking the number-one spot in CarMax’s “10 Best Large SUVs for 2021” rankings. However, the list-topping Traverse is not Chevy’s only crossover.

Because Chevrolet figured consumers might have a hard time choosing which model they should get, the automaker offers a handy quiz to find your crossover soulmate.

Chevy’s selection of crossover SUVs

Chevrolet’s family of crossover SUVs includes the Traverse, Equinox, and Trax. As previously mentioned, the Traverse is number one in this family thanks to the CarMax and other sites ranking it highly, but the Equinox is no slouch, ranking in the top five of crossover SUVs, and the Trax holds its own. Is one of these crossovers your soulmate? Check out the quiz to find out. 

Chevy’s simple quiz to help you choose

The quiz starts off with a friendly “nice to meet you.” After this polite hello, the quiz begins to ask a few questions to get to know you. Starting out with the basic, “So, where do you live?” the quick also provides cutesy multiple-choice answers: “a just-trendy-enough neighborhood,” “somewhere with room to roam,” and “the land of tiny parking spots.”

Then it moves on to what you would do with seven or eight seats (“finally have room for the family” or “not know what to do with them”). And if that’s too much, maybe you need only five seats (“I’d fold em down to haul some gear” or “I’d fill them with friends”). It also asks what you would do with that family room; your choices are “head to Grandma’s — all in one vehicle” and “I’d better start planning a camping trip.”

To make sure Chevy really knows you, the quiz also asks what kind of gear you’d haul, though it assumes you’d carry either a surfboard or your band’s equipment and where you’d go with all your friends. It asks if you’d “visit out-of-state friends” or “a concert” — possibly your own band’s concert, assuming you’re in a band. And assuming you have friends.

Pros and cons of each choice


Avoid the 2021 Chevy Traverse if You Want These Upgrades

Based on your answers, the quiz spits out one of the three crossovers that’s perfect for you. But now that you know which one will best fit your lifestyle, you should also find out the good, the bad, and the ugly about it. All three Chevy crossovers have positives and negatives. All three have outstanding safety features. New Chevy vehicles aren’t lacking in comfort or capability either. They’re all relatively spacious, too, though the compact Trax seats only five. And best of all: Each starts under $30,000.

However, the engine selection isn’t the best. You can get only one engine in the Traverse, but it’s a decent 310-hp, 3.6-liter V6. The smaller Equinox and Trax have rather weak base engines, with both packing only a four-cylinder engine and offering no more than 170 hp. So if performance, acceleration, and engine choices are important, none of these models might be your soulmate.

Finding your perfect match in a crossover SUV can be tricky, but this quiz — which you can take on the Chevrolet website — is great at finding a crossover that best fits your lifestyle. (I matched with the Trax because I live in a land of tiny parking spots, and I’m not in a band. I’m not sure I have four friends to fill those five seats, though, so I might grab a surfboard.)