Chevy-Powered Ford F-150 Raptor: Best Of Both Worlds

Some people feel the only way to modify a vehicle is with a Chevy engine. Even when it’s an F-150 Raptor. Granted, this isn’t your standard pre-runner even with Ford power. This is called a “Spitfire Luxury Pre-Runner” from Jimco Race Trucks. You’ve heard of Jimco; they build high-end race trucks for a host of enthusiasts. It’s a luxury Chevy-powered Ford F-150 Raptor trophy truck that some say is the best of both worlds.

The LS V8 puts out 650 hp- the best of both worlds?

Jimco Luxury Pre-Runner Ford F-150 Raptor | Jimco

Danzio Performance built a stout 415ci LS-based pre-run V8 with a modified 700R4 four-speed automatic from Gearworks hooked behind. Gearworks also supplied the rear end with Strange axles and drive flanges. Stainless steel headers and exhaust are combined with Borla mufflers. That LS puts out 650 hp which ups the stock Raptor engine by over 200 mph. This thing can fly over rough terrain with that kind of power.

The front Trophy Truck suspension provides 26-inches of wheel travel with help from Fox three-inch coil-over shocks. In the rear Jimco’s suspension has 32-inches of travel also with Fox coil-overs. The tires are 40-inch BFG KR3 off-road rubber wrapped around 17-inch KMC wheels. Brembo disc brakes slow her down. Jimco built its own custom 80-gallon aluminum fuel cell with a Pyrotect bladder. A CBR radiator and oil cooler keeps things cool. 

Jimco Luxury Pre-Runner Ford F-150 Raptor | Jimco

The cool two-tone paintwork was handled by Best of Show Coachworks with graphics applied by Dusold Designs. All lighting including the light bar was handled by Baja Designs with LEDs throughout. 

Inside it is unrecognizable from a stock F-150 Raptor

Inside it is unrecognizable from a stock Raptor. Everything has been changed including the dash and gauges. The dash and gauge housing were fabb’d by Jimco. It ties into a custom center console covered in brown leather. Custom leather upholstery covers most of the rest of the inside as well including the Impact HS1 seats. It also features an Impact safety harness and nets. Adding to the luxury feel is the Momo leather-wrapped steering wheel, PCI intercom with Kenwood head unit, and LEADNAV off-road GPS. 

Jimco Luxury Pre-Runner Ford F-150 Raptor | Jimco

Jimco will build one for you but the price is steep; $600,000 steep. Or thereabouts. We’re sure it is worth it. It’s just that few can afford this type of customization. Still, if nothing else it can be used as a guide for the home-builder looking for some ideas for his or her street truck. Or for some sources for some aftermarket components to spice up your build. 

Would Jimco build a luxury pre-runner with a Coyote motor?

We wonder if you wanted a Ford Coyote motor instead of the Chevy if Jimco would build it? We figure they can build anything if the price is right. So don’t let the chevy motor spoil your dreams of owning one of these Jimco trophy trucks.

Jimco Luxury Pre-Runner Ford F-150 Raptor | Jimco