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The off-road craze has reached its fever pitch, and two of the Big Three American automakers have cashed in with vintage-inspired body-on-frame SUVs. Both the old-favorite Jeep Wrangler and newcomer Ford Bronco have firm footholds with the off-road community and provide outstanding sales for their respective brands. But the third member of the Detroit triumvirate hasn’t responded with a retro off-roader of its own. According to GM President Mark Reuss, Chevy fans aren’t likely to see a Bronco competitor – at least not switch an internal combustion engine. 

GM President says Detroit brand won’t counter the Bronco and Wrangler 

In an interview with The Drive, Reuss stated that a traditional off-road Chevy is unlikely. He stated a few reasons for GM’s hesitancy around building a Ford Bronco alternative. 

  • GM doesn’t want to be a late arrival to the segment. 
  • A traditional truck-based SUV would lower the brands’ average fuel efficiency rating. 

But not all hope is lost for Chevy fans dreaming of their own version of a Bronco or Wrangler. According to The Drive, GM is likely to produce more 4X4s with electrified powertrains. 

An EV off-roader is more likely from GM

The Drive reports that Reuss did not deny the possibility of an electric Ford Bronco alternative. The story also points out the GM has already revived the Hummer brand with retro-inspired GMC EV models. Firm details aren’t available yet, but GM is supposedly developing more GMC Hummer EV models. 

That’s just one brand under the GM umbrella. The mothership has recently announced a wide range of EVs across its brands. 

  • Chevy Silverado EV
  • Chevy Equinox EV
  • Chevy Blazer EV
  • GMC Sierra EV Denali 
  • Cadillac Celestiq 
  • Cadillac Lyriq 

Which Chevy SUV is similar to a Bronco?

The front grille of a yellow 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition Limited Edition.
2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition Limited Edition | Ford

Chevrolet currently does not offer an exact competitor to the Bronco and Wrangler formula. But it does have some alternatives for drivers who are willing to consider something a little different. 

Chevy Tahoe: It may not have a removable top or the same kind of nostalgic design as the Bronco, but the Tahoe is still a rugged SUV in its own right. It’s a truck-based, body-on-frame model – not a crossover. The Tahoe’s standard V8 engine offers old-school power while its available Z71 package equips a variety of off-road goodies. The GMC Yukon offers the same benefits as the Tahoe. 

Chevy Blazer: Rather than a boxy Wrangler competitor with retro looks, Chevy released the new Blazer as a sleek, sporty crossover. Its looks have more in common with the modern Camaro than with the old K5 Blazer. Still, it’s an option worth considering for those less concerned with off-road performance. 

Chevy Colorado: No, it isn’t an SUV. But the sneaky good Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck provides many of the same off-road options that you’ll find in the Wrangler or Bronco. Its Z71 and ZR2 trims include rear locking differentials, all-terrain tires, underbody protection, and more. Plus there’s the advantage of having a pickup bed. 

While each has its charms, these models don’t compete directly with the Bronco and Wrangler. If you’re looking for a gas-powered, body-on-frame Bronco competitor from Chevy, don’t hold your breath. But with GM’s zeal for electrification, another 4X4 may still be on the horizon. Hope is not lost.


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