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Some Silverado truck enthusiasts have been bugged that there are no short bed, single cab pickups being made. Actually, there are, but not for the US. Every year Chevy lovers complain when the list of new trucks is announced. But now Chevy is dangling the Silverado short bed single cab carrot.

While we’ve heard little from Chevy over the last couple of years about the lack of a short bed, single cab truck, we finally have an inkling of hope. Chevy has responded. 

Chevy applied for the “Cheyenne” trademark

front 3/4 view of red single cab, short bed Silverado.
The Silverado short bed, single cab pickup for the Middle East | GM

Not with a short bed, single cab announcement, but at least with an acknowledgment there exists a demand in the US and some recent news. Let’s tackle the second part first. Last week Chevy applied for the “Cheyenne” trademark. 

While some are thinking this is a nod to a Ford Maverick-type of unibody truck that might be coming, we don’t think so. We think it is going to apply to the short bed, single cab version of the Silverado. It is something that would be somewhat unique in the industry, so why not go into the Chevy truck past and bring back a unique name? 

A Silverado short bed, single cab pickup is made, but only for the Middle East

rear 3/4 view of the Silverado short ed, single cab pickup for the Middle East
Chevy short bed single cab Silverado pickup

What has always been a little frustrating for Chevy Silverado fans is that a short bed, single cab pickup is made, but only for the Middle East. So the tooling has been bought, the line set up, and the trucks have been cranking out since 2019. That’s when the new Silverado was first available.

And Ford still offers a short bed, single cab pickup, though it is sometimes hard to find on the order form. And it barely, if ever, exists on Ford dealer lots. You have to order one of these unicorns, and then hold your breath. 

Now about the acknowledgment from GM. It comes through GM Authority from Bob Krapes, Director of Chevrolet truck marketing. He recently told them, “I would just tell you that because of the limitations that we’ve been dealing with in terms of the virus and all the things that the virus is causing, including limitations within the supply chain, it’s something that we’re going to work on.” 

Since 2019 Chevy has tallied complaints about no single cab, short bed

front 3/4 red Silverado pickup
Single cab, short bed Silverado pickup for the Middle East | GM

We know that because of the pandemic the changes expected for the Silverado line were postponed until 2022. Would incorporating these changes along with accommodating the single cab, short bed configuration be an opportune time? Has Chevy fielded complaints from and orders for fleets looking to add single cab, short bed Silverado trucks? 

For three years there hasn’t been anything like this from Chevy. Maybe fleet managers looking to acquire single cab, short bed trucks are finding out they aren’t being made. And have complained about it? 

We have no idea why Chevy is looking into the matter now. But we’ll keep our eyes open for an announcement that a special Cheyenne Silverado is on the horizon. 


Customer Demand Could Resurrect the Single Cab Silverado