Chevy Corvette vs. Mitsubishi Outlander — Wait, What?

Sports cars possess an undeniable appeal. There’s something about flying down the highway while zipping in and out of traffic that feels exhilarating. So why exactly did a man named Tommy trade in his 2020 Chevy Corvette for a Mitsubishi Outlander?

Could it be that the payments were too high? Was there something wrong with the Vette? Or did Tommy decide to jump on the SUV bandwagon? The Drive tracked down some of Tommy’s friends, and here’s the real story.

Theories about the Chevy Corvette/Mitsubishi Outlander mystery

When The Drive posted a story about how Tommy had traded in his gorgeous Rapid Blue 2020 Chevry Corvette for a Mitsubishi Outlander, the internet exploded. The original story was innocuous enough. It began with a Facebook post by Hurst Autoplex. The post congratulated Tommy for trading in one of the most desirable American cars for a middling crossover.

To say the post was shocking was an understatement. The original post has since been deleted, but The Drive reports that many Facebook users took to the platform to discuss the mystery. Tons of theories swirled about why he would make such a foolhardy move. Despite some amusing guesses, no one came close to uncovering the real story.

The truth is unbelievable

When the man traded in his Corvette, he had no idea the uproar he would create. After The Drive posted its original story, some of his friends came forward with ideas about what was on his mind. But only Tommy himself had the real story.

It turns out Tommy never actually wanted the Corvette. He merely bought it to flip it back to the dealership. Mike Baum, the salesman who helped Tommy trade in the Corvette for the Outlander, told The Drive: “Originally, he just bought the C8 to sell to me. We specialize in [used] sports cars, lifted trucks, etc.”

Though Baum couldn’t share all the transaction details, he hinted Tommy got a great deal when he traded in the Corvette. Someone who was privy to the details reported that Tommy got $10,000 more than he paid for the Corvette, meaning he probably scored around $81,219 for trading it. 

So why did he choose the Outlander? He didn’t say much, but Baum reported that Tommy needed a work SUV for driving around town, and the Outlander apparently fit the bill. What attracted him to the Mitsubishi is unclear, as there are cheaper SUVs with better reputations. Still, Tommy got a great deal on the Outlander: He reportedly paid only $9,000.

The Corvette found a happy home


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Given the intrigue surrounding the man who traded in a Vette for an Outlander, many wondered what happened to the Chevy. As it turns out, the Corvette found a home of its own. 

Not long after Tommy sold it back to the dealership, another customer bought it. This was all thanks to the now-infamous Facebook post.

The 2020 Chevy Corvette isn’t exactly the easiest car to find. Given that it’s the first mid-engine Vette and costs less than $60,000 for the lowest trim, the 2020 model is a hot commodity. Plus, COVID-19 initially shut down production, furthering driving demand for fewer vehicles.

So when Ryan Wells saw the post, he knew he had to have that Corvette. It wasn’t the trim level he wanted, but he knew he had to act quickly to snag a 2020 Vette.

Because he was only three minutes from the dealership when he saw the post, he rushed over to grab it. Even though it wasn’t what he originally wanted, Wells told The Drive he’s pleased with his purchase.